Olympic Freestyle Tribune

What is Freestyle Skiing?

Freestyle skiing is one of many Olympic events. It involves high jumps and acrobatic finishes down a snowy slope. This event includes men and women's mogul, aerials, and ski cross which are just three of the many races.

From the most skilled tricksters, to the fastest racers, these skiers show why freestyle skiing is one of the most watched Winter Olympic Sports. Check out this Olympic gold medalist below for more information.

An Olympian Preparation

Coming off of a 2010 Olympic golden performance, Kearney's preparation for this year's event was no different. A few days before the event, she is allowed to ski on the course for about two hours a day. On the day of the competition, her and the participants have an hour-long warm-up and a few training runs before the official run.
Hannah Kearney is off to a great start this year with the top qualifying time in the Women's Mogul Event.
Sochi Now: Kearney finishes 1st in Qualifying

Number 2-ranked Women's Mogul Skier Goes Down Hard

Heidi Kloser, number four moguls skier in the world, was injured during a training run on Thursday, February 6. This medalist predicted athlete had completely torn her ACL, partially torn MCL and a fractured femur.

Anton Kushnir Receives Men's Aerials Gold

Kushnir wins a tough, hard-fought battle in this year's Winter Olympics. His efforts were just enough to bring home the gold medal for his country. Kushnir ended with the best score of the night giving Belarus its 2nd consecutive gold in this event.

Nothing More, Nothing Less

After receiving the top qualifying score in the first round, Caldwell was eventually bumped down to 10th place while Ukraine native, Alla Tsuper, takes home gold medal with no problem.