Pink Kangaroo Weekly Update

Week of May 9, 2016

What we are learning....

The Pink Kangaroos have had a wonderful week! It has been all about the letter "Y!"

We talked about yaks, yellow, yo-yo's, yogurt and yarn. The children worked on scissor grip earlier in the week as they cut strips of yarn to decorate the letter "Y." We also had a yogurt party at lunch one day! Everyone sampled yogurt with sprinkles and m&m's...yum!

Our little friend, Day, brought in a BIG "dinosaur" bone that he found on his Poppy's farm. It was enormous, and all of the children got to hold and examine it. Thank you for sharing!

We had the special treat of attending the Pre-K Field Day on Thursday. We watched as Mr. Davis led fun relay races for the "Big Kids" on campus!

Books we read this week:

The Yak Who Yelled Yuck

Yellow Is My Color Star

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