State Government Project

Maddy Casey 7th Period

Matt Rinaldi - My State Representative

Matt Rinaldi's district is 115 and he was elected in 2014 to represent north Dallas. He attended James Madison University in Virgina. He is currently a commercial litigation attorney and a strong advocate in the legal community. Rinaldi feels very strong about limited government, pro liberty and free market policies, secures borders, education, the Second Amendment Rights, and the protection of life.

District 115 Demographic Information:

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Texas Education Agency

Mission Statement - "Aim high . . . we are not here to achieve inconsequential things!"

The Texas Education Agency is replacing the grade-specific TAKS test and introducing the STAAR test, which is the latest standardized test since 2007. So changing the Texas yearly standardized state test effects the students of Texas.

The State Board of Education also setting new curriculum standards to include college readiness for students still in school. Making sure all students are properly prepared to enter college and leaving no student behind will benefit parents who are paying for their children's college.

The Board is saying that there isn’t a need for an invalidated test to measure college readiness when universities already have standardized tests like the SAT and ACT that are used to measure this. Basically the board states that there isn't a need for any additional standardized testing, the SAT and ACT is good enough. This will benefit the students applying to college.

Some Professions in the Education Agency:

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Program Specialist
  3. Grant Coordinator

Human Trafficking of School-aged Children

Human trafficking is a major problem around the U.S. so it concerns Texas. Young children in school are vulnerable to being manipulated and exploited by traffickers. Unfortunately, there has been some cases where trafficking has taken place on school grounds, school events, and even performed by some classmates. But there is a solution to this on-going problem. The Texas RISE to the Challenge training will education teachers how to detect that human trafficking is going on in the classroom and how to deal with it in the correct and orderly manner.