Around The World Examples

Religious Persecution


- People are moving towards Israel because it offers a place fore Jews. Jews have been through a lot in the last couple centuries and being able to have a place is great. Though right now Israel is having conflicts with other Muslim countries and being in an area where Muslims don't like Jews is bad.

- Most Jews have migrated in to Israel not out.

- Israel is a pull factor for all Jews

Ethnic Persecution


- many people are migrating out of Tibet due to the ethnic persecution that is happening there. Many people are using racist language to killing and beating other. Others capture and embarrass them in large streets of cities as they are in a cage until let free.

- people are trying to move away heading to china or the nearest neighboring countries.

- this act is pushing people away from the country due to the ethnic persecution there.

Enviormental Factors


- after a severe earthquake causing a HUGE tsunami, everyone was afraid of that happening again. Being able to see a huge wave come over the wall protecting china from the waves must be scary.

- most people have fled to neighboring countries in hope they would be safer and still be close to their loved ones.

- it's a push factor, the waters and earthquakes are increasing more and more.

Economic Motives


- the drug wars are getting worst and worst throughout the country. And it's not a good thing to have your military go take over your own towns near the boarder of the US, that money and the money from smuggled good and drugs have increased in drugs and decreased in economy.

- most people try and flee to the USA but end up getting caught or if your lucky, they end up getting a citizenship.

- the push is a main factor because no one wants to have a war going on in their own country, plus the cartel is getting worst and worst.

Political Factors

North Korea

- people in North Korea are wanting and trying to escape that country due to the major communism in the country. The threats and all the hate towards the US that North Korea has been saying is scaring majority of the people. "If we go to war with the USA I know that America will win" that was art of a speech that one escaped individual said.

- most people in North Korea are moving to either South Korea or any neighboring countries they can get to without being cought.

- North Korea is a push due to the communism leadership in the country, I mean look at this family and how happy they are to be taking a photo with their leader.

Forced Migration


- hatai was hit by a major earthquake in 2010ish. People leave that country because of the threat of another one that could be stronger approaching in the near future. It's what scares people to see rubble and close people killed, especially in a third world country.

- most people are trying to find the best place to live, most come to America for better opportunity but some decide to go elsewhere.

- it's a push factor due to the fact that you never know what's coming next.