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Learning Labs

Art Appreciation Edgar Degas:

Edgar Degas is the star of our art appreciation! Students are learning that Degas was born in Paris France to a wealthy family. He was inspired to sketch and paint but when beginning he painted mostly what he saw when he visited museums on the many trips he took with his father. Then while in art school he was given some life changing advice to be his own artist and create his own art not what others create. He took this advice to heart and carried a sketch pad everywhere he went drawing the everything that he observed people doing activities like brushing their hair, or taking a dance class. Edgar Degas is such an inspiring artist for our students because he reinforces what you can accomplish when you think and create for yourself.

Students have begun creating dancers inspired by Degas "The Little Dancer", designing dancing tutus using watercolors

Miss Mary from Open Studio arrived for our second Pottery Workshop painting our self-portrait clay pieces! They are coming out fabulous!

The learning labs where centered around our students working on science, fine motor and sensory exploration. We have been engaged in many science activities that help in developing observation, recording, and prediction. Fine motor using tweezers, and scoops to transfer objects to build prewriting skills. Sensory exploration supported fine motor develop scooping and filling, rolling, shaping, cutting with a variety of materials from water, to salt, to play dough!

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Dancer Pose

Students are practicing the dancer pose like Edgar Degas The Little Dancer. We realized how hard it would be to pose in place for an extended time so an artist could sketch or paint us!
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Mark Your Calendars

February and March Closings


26th- School Closed for Teacher Professional Day


14th-18th School Closed for Spring Break

25th School Closed Observance of Good Friday

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2016-2017 Registration/Re-enrollment

The deadline for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year registration/re-enrollment was February 16th for existing students and siblings. Thank you to all the parents for submitting your forms on time. You have secured your child/children's space in the program for the upcoming school year. It looks like we will be having many siblings next year. So excited!

We will now open up the remaining spaces to the families on the touring waiting list and the public.

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Junior Kindergarten Program at TerraNichol Academy

We are now preparing for open enrollment for our Junior Kindergarten program for school year 2016-2017.

Our Junior Kindergarten Program was developed in 2010 based on the feedback from our parents already attending our program. Parents and Educators sometimes feel preschoolers still need time to grow and mature and feel that they will benefit from an extra year before entering elementary school. Others may just miss the Kindergarten cut off date and this program allows for those students to participate and be challenged in the junior kindergarten program. Admissions and the enrollment process will start February 1st, 2016. The deadline will be April 1st, 2016. We will open up 12 spaces for this program.

To be considered for the program:

1. Registration Form and fee must be submitted to TerraNichol Academy by April 1, 2016.(Applications submitted without the non-refundable registration fee will not be considered.)

2. Parents will renew their parent agreement & contract to make a commitment for the school year.

3. The Students 5th birthday must be before August 1st, 2016 or the student would be eligible for Kindergarten in the public school for the 2016-2017 school year.

4. Parents make a commitment to participate in school- to- home projects taking place throughout the school year.

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Art Gallery Showcase!

Art Gallery Showcase!

You're Invited!

TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Annual Spring Art Gallery Children's Showcase.

The students will have several art masterpieces they have worked on throughout the school year. Parents will be able to view the art the week of the Young Child in April. Each student's showcase is $75 per student.

The Annual School Fundraiser supports our visual and performing arts program here at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts. ART FOR ARTS' SAKE!!

TerraNichol Academy's 10th Annual Art Gallery Children’s Showcase

Our School’s Big Fundraiser!!!

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Security and Safety on Campus

As always our first priority is to keep the campus secure and safe. The security plan is in place to keep everyone on campus safe. Only parents have a code to the door. All visitors, authorized persons, or guest must ring the door bell to enter building by staff member only. Parents please do not open or hold the door for visitors or guests. Please be aware if someone is walking behind you and enter the building without a code. Simply ask them to ring the doorbell for administration to authorize entry. Please let them know it is for everyone's safety on campus and a school policy. Teaching team members are very well aware when the bell is being rung up front. We have informed all authorized pick up members and visitors they may wait a few minutes for us to get to the buzzer. Patience! We are with children. We have many family situations and dynamics that only the staff is aware of for privacy. It makes our jobs a lot harder when we are scrambling to get up to the front to see who is being let into the building without authorization. Please aid the staff by following the security and safety policies.

New Student Teaching Interns

As the new semester begins we may have new student teaching interns join our mentor program. Please give them a warm welcome.

Miss Amber and Miss Tricia remain our on call substitutes. We are so very thankful for our substitutes and volunteers.

We hope to inspire and encourage more student interns to enter the field of Early Childhood Education and help shape and inspire young minds.

Teachers Rock!!

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TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts

TerraNichol Academy of The Arts School is the kind of school parents expect, educators celebrate and children adore. Our approach to learning celebrates the great potential of young children, with the goal of nurturing self-motivated, life-long learners. The learning labs are guided by our Master Teachers as well as the Founder of TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool with low teacher-to-child ratio to allow for one-on-one engagement and thoughtful observation. Join our small community school for a backstage tour and be inspired by our thoughtful team of Early Childhood Educators here at TerraNichol Academy.

Next up coming Tour Monday February 22nd, 2016 @4:30.

RSVP Click on the link to submit an letter of intent prior to the tour.