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John F. Kennedy Learning Center

Week of May 2, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis. Words cannot express how fortunate our students at John F. Kennedy are to have you. However, I would like to give it a try and thank each of you for choosing a profession that truly focuses on making a difference.
Thank you...
Ms. Azzam, for always smiling and staying positive. For truly making your students your number one priority.
Mr. Ocando, for your flexibility and ability to adapt so easily. Also, for your willingness to assist in areas outside of your classroom.
Ms. Justus, for making the safety of your students your number one priority.
Ms. McNeil, for your assistance in the upper grades as we prepare for the state assessment. Also, for staying positive when times were hard.
Ms. Mejias, for offering to support our students in grades 3-5 by donating funds for the field trip. Thankfully, we were able to find those funds elsewhere, however I thank you for offering and supporting our school.
Ms. Negrete, for joining our team midyear and hitting the ground running like a pro. I admire your ability to adapt so easily.
Ms. Bain, for your awesome support in grade four with lesson ideas and activities. It was evident that you put plenty of thought into every idea you proposed.
Ms. Herrera, for your support in 5th grade during school hours and extended tutoring. Also, for all that you do to ensure that we are always in compliance with our ELL population as our LPAC chair.
Ms. Yetts, for everything that you do in the classroom to ensure your students are engaged and exposed to only the best. As well as always staying focused on the positive and putting the students first.
Ms. Hernandez, for ensuring your students are always thinking at the higher levels of Bloom's. As well as your support with the school website.
Ms. Johnson, for being such a super rookie. If I didn't know for a fact that this was your first year, it would be hard to take anyone's word for it. I absolutely appreciate how you always take all that you learn during PD or conversations and incorporate it into your classroom.
Mr. Quijano, for your huge heart and understanding what matters most. In every discussion we have ever had, you always reinforce the belief that the relationship between a teacher and his/her students is most important. I could not agree more.
Ms. Euteneier, for your support with the cheerleaders and the time you spend with them on Friday afternoons. Also, for the excellent rapport you have with your students.
Ms. Rico, for the wonderful job you did when your team was out. No matter what you were asked to assist with, take over, teach, provide, submit, etc., you did it as if though it were no problem at all. Thank you for being a true team player.
Ms. Darnell, for returning from maternity leave and hitting the ground running. Your concern for your students is evident in that you are wasting no time at all.
Ms. Phillips, for your support in boosting school pride and taking the initiative to get funds for our future school sign (which will no doubt be fantastic). Overall, for the beautification of our school through the sign and the garden (future project).
Ms. Respass, for ALL of the support you offer our students and our teachers. You have literally helped in every content area this school year with our general education students in grades 3-5. Your versatility is admirable.
Ms. Mora, for your passion and commitment to your students and your profession. When your initial results were not where you wanted them to be, you regrouped and came back so much stronger (Rocky theme song is playing).
Ms. Newball, although you were initially unable to attend Saturday school. You saw the need and made changes so that your students would have the support they needed to excel.
Mr. Alvarado, for your support in implementing the CODE program on our campus. What a unique opportunity for our students.
Ms. Cosey, you too regrouped and made adjustments to your plan of attack. With your new, aggressive, and well implemented plan, your students have shown growth.
Ms. Prieto, for your constant laser-focused commitment to the success of your students, evident in all that you do (also by how much you worry, even when it is not warranted). Their success is your one and only priority, that is a quality that I greatly admire.
Dr. Rodriguez, for the level of effort you put forth when planning out your lessons. I can truly say you are the "master of planning". In every single lesson that I have ever observed, it is evident that there was no stone left unturned.
Mr. Rivera, for the growth you have shown this year. Also, for your ability to be reflective and analyze what works and what doesn't. For not only being true to yourself, but for having the courage to share with me as well.
Ms. Chandra, for the intensive support you provide our students so that they are able to reach success at their respective levels. Also, for assisting in our end-of-year celebration that I know will be a blast.
Ms. Nikolic, for your perseverance and patience when times were difficult. For always putting the students first.
Ms. Kim, for your concern of your students and ensuring they are provided with many opportunities (i.e.,sensory room, bowling).
Ms. Crear, for your support with our gifted and talented students and ability to juggle two schools.
Ms. Kersh, for your availability to our students at an emotional level. It is awesome to hear the students talk about going to your room in the morning and the afternoon. It is clear that they enjoy "hanging out" with you.
Ms. Hamby, for all that you do to support our school (i.e., lunch, field trip) and for always caring about the well being of our students. Without a doubt, the students always come first in your book.
Coach Kossie, for coaching the school baseball team and providing our students with an opportunity to play sports and be a part of a team.

Huge shout out to Ms. Flores for having no errors on the PID Discrepancy review (peims)!!!

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VOlunteer luncheon, for those with a significant amount of hours logged!!!

Thank you to both Ms. Carrillo and Ms. Blatnik for organizing the luncheon.
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Dia del Nino Picnic

Parents came out and enjoyed a nice picnic with their children. Several flew kites, played ball, and blew bubbles. Thank you to those teachers who also joined their students. What a great way to celebrate our children.
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Students continuing to work hard!!!

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Teacher provided a personal copy of the anchor chart, for students to use as they worked.
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Students showing their work!!!

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This week...

Tuesday- 2nd Grade Field Trip, STAAR Training
Friday- STAAR Pep Rally, Mother's Day luncheon

Next Week...

Monday- STAAR/Math
Wednesday- STAAR/Science
Thursday- Community/Volunteer Luncheon
Friday- Fitness Day