2021 Summer Experience

Incoming Kindergarten & 1st grade

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These courses are designed for students entering Kindergarten or 1st grade

Kindergarten Experience

Junior Jacket Orientation

For incoming Kindergarten students

This course is designed for incoming Kindergarten students and will focus on life as a new Yellowjacket. Students will learn the basics of entering Kindergarten, how to navigate the building, school behavior expectations, and the important skills of being a first-time student.

First Grade Experiences

All Things Fancy With Fancy Nancy-June 3-16

Students will be introduced to all things fancy with one of the most popular children's book characters Fancy Nancy. Each day we will begin with a different Fancy Nancy read-aloud. We will build our activities for the day around the book of the day. We will have tea parties, fashion shows, spa days, ballet classes and many more fancy activities. We will create vocabulary journals, learn to write thank-you notes, recipes and much more. Students will build social skills by learning and using proper etiquette for home, school, and public places.

Barnyard Bonanza

With a quack and moo and oink oink too, come and join the Barnyard Bonanza fun! Join our farm filled adventures where we will round up some fiction and non-fiction read alouds, lasso up some math facts, and explore all things farm related. Our field trips will include all things farm animal and a trip to Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park in Springfield.

Boom Boom Shake the Room-June 3-16

We will have an EXPLOSIVE time as we explore sound and science. We will have fun exploring sound as we make a variety of musical instruments (drums, harmonicas, flutes, and more) and how they work. We will have fun with science as we participate in a variety of exciting experiments that explore and relate to sound(PopRocks experiment, balloon instruments, dancing rice, and more).


This Summer Experience is all about finding our inner Super Powers! SuperHeroes are hard workers and must train mentally and physically. We will discover and perfect our Super Powers through brain games, physical training, team-building activities, and creation stations. Training will also include Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Please join us as we prepare to be SuperHero Leaders of the World!

Disney Mania

Be our guest! Be our guest! Put your learning to the test, as we have fun doing all things Disney!! We will have fun dress-up days, do puzzles, build Lego sets, do science experiments, play games, make crafts, enjoy snacks and have a ton of fun learning together! Get your incoming first grader signed up for Disney Mania today!!

LEGO Kingdom

Calling all Knights and Princesses for this land of hands-on learning. Students will be highly engaged as they recreate scenes from their favorite fairytales and storybooks using LEGOS, Play-Doh, and their magical imaginations. Student’s LEGO skills will be put to the test in daily LEGO challenges that involve critical thinking and problem solving. This summer experience will include a field trip to the Castle Courtyard in Lebanon. Grab your crown and take a seat in LEGO Kingdom!

MeSsY FuN fOr EvErYoNe

Do you love to have fun, experiment, learn, and GET MESSY?!?!? I have just the space for you! In this class we will explore and experiment! We will get messy making our very own slime, playdough, and we will make some messy treats ( like edible slime)! OH MY! We will explore all things sensory like kinetic sand, cloud dough, shaving cream, and MUCH MORE! If you join this class two things are a guarantee - You will have FUN and you will get MESSY! Tell mom and dad not to worry! I will send you home "fairly" clean! I can't wait to make a mess with you! See you soon!

Oceans of Fun! June 3-16

Pack your things, we’re heading to the beach! Come join me for a fun and exciting summer adventure. We will explore all the exciting things in the ocean such as the living creatures who call it their home and we will learn all the interesting facts about the ocean. All that fun and sun will make us hungry so we will enjoy an ocean themed every day and make crafts that will make it seem like we are swimming right along with the fish.

Once Upon a... STEM

Are you a Princess or Knight in Shining Armor? If so, this is the class for you! We are going to take the fairy tales that you know and love and add some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). We will ask, imagine, plan and create ways to build a New Bed for Goldilocks, construct a New House for Wolf, Make a Troll Proof Goat Bridge and Help Hansel and Gretel Trap the Witch. We will also try to do a science experiment every day, some of which include Alka Seltzer rockets, making homemade bubbles, slime, popsicle stick catapults and elephant toothpaste. Possible field trips might be going to the wonders of Wildlife in Springfield and painting at The Smiling Goat. Hope you can join us for a Once Upon a Time Adventure!

Summer Adventures in Learning

Let the fun begin in our Summer Adventures in Learning class! Every day we will embark on a new adventure where each day will be unique and full of surprises. We will begin our adventure by planting vegetables and flowers and talking about tractors and farm animals with a surprise visit at school from real live farm animals. Then as our journey continues we will get our creative juices flowing by jumping into a Lego building day. Next we will venture into the land of art with a photography day, cooking/baking day and a painting day with a possible field trip to a painting studio. Then we will embark in the world of science with a Slime Day where we will explore many different ways to make slime even edible slime, an experiment Day where we will make volcanoes and a Space Day where we will build rockets. We will conclude our adventure by exploring the world of ocean animals and taking a possible field trip to Wonders of Wildlife. Don’t miss out on this EPIC ADVENTURE!

Summer Fun-June 3-16

Calling all beach and summer loving boys and girls! Come DIVE headfirst into some summer fun! We are going to enjoy all the fun things of summer!!! Picnics, ice cream, water days, and so much more! Join us for some fun hands-on activities, cool treats, exciting field trips and lots of fun in the sun!