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Young Adults' Choices 2017-18


Young Adults' Choices is a program sponsored by the International Literacy Association (ILA). We are lucky enough to have been chosen as one of five sites in the country to take part in this program.

We are sent BRAND NEW books directly from publishers and your job is to read the books and fill out the surveys. The ILA then compiles the information from all the sites and publishes our top choices for teachers and parents around the world to use as guides for the best new books.

Here's the 2017 Reading List (which includes work from our very own Mrs. Evans)

In case you were wondering about the Children's Choices books that you voted on last year, here is the 2017 Reading List for that program too.


You need to KNOW that your choices and opinions matter on an international scale!

What we need you to DO:


REVIEW as many books as possible

SHARE your opinions

Here's the kicker, none of the teachers are allowed to check out these books. I'm not even allowed to check out these books from our library. They are ONLY for 7th - 12th graders and TA is participating too.

So...I've prepared a few book talks for you but I can only tell you what I have researched about the books, you have to be the ones to decide what you think after reading it.


National Book Award

These awards are given annually by the National Book Foundation. There are four categories, one of which is Young People's Literature. The awards are given to American authors who have had books published by American publishers between December 1st of the previous year and November 30 of the current year. The winners are determined by a panel of judges. A long list of ten finalists is released in September, it is narrowed down to five finalists in November, and a single winner in each category is announced in November at an award ceremony. Each finalist receives $1000 and each winner receives $10,000 and a bronze statue.

Here's more about the awards

2016 National Book Award Finalists and Winner

Young People's Literature

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Mrs. Bishop YACs

Unless otherwise noted, all summaries and photos are from the publishers of each book. It is important to remember that I haven't been able to read these yet....let me know if I got something wrong!!

Share your reviews, I'd love to share them with our community!