Financial litercy project

By Jacob Edmiston

Job: Athletic and Phisical trainer

My annual income is $51,586. My average monthly is $4298.83.

The degree I need is a bachelors degree in sports science.

Collage: Baylor University

In order to go to Baylor my tuition per semester is $18,180.

The total tuition I need to obtain my degree at Baylor is $145,440.

My school loan terms would be $948.16.

The additional interest for a 2 year deferment is $159,128.23

The school loan payment after deferment is $560,575.87

Address: 1725 trego drive, justin tx

My loan terms: $50,000, for 30 years, interest rate was 3.79%

My monthly payments were $760.03.

The total interest over the life of the loan was $624.48

Vehical: 1995 BMW 840

Terms of the loan: $10,000, 4 years, interest rate of 3%.

My monthly payment was $221.34.

My total interest over the life of the loan was $624.48


Q1: the biggest learning experience was learning how the future I going to be. I told me what job and what collage is in store for me.

Q2: during the project I had to change the price in my car because it was well over budget.

Q3: at the beginning of my childhood I wanted to have a fancy house and be a millionaire but I realized that is not going to happen.