Making a Facebook Page Effective

What to Post

-Discounts and sale promotions tend to get the most interaction among consumers

-For a page that is not business based, try to post updates and news that catch the attention of viewers

-Remember: Post things that will grab followers' eyes as they are scrolling through their feeds. Photos tend to accomplish this well!

Staying Connected

-Viewers gain a sense of connection to the page and are more likely to follow one if they are able to directly connect with the owner

-Answer questions that are posted, thank followers for their attention to the page, and connect with devoted customers/followers

When to Post

-Post when people are most likely to be accessing their mobile devices. For example, it is likely that people will be checking their phones when they wake up, after lunch, after work, and before bed.

-Post often! The more posts there are, the most likely it is that people will view the page and take advantage of it.

Overall Page Structure

-Include multiple tabs for people to gain as much information as possible.

-Make sure to keep the page organized and appealing for viewers

-Be sure to make sure that all of the links and tabs are working properly, this will allow the viewer to feel that the page is authentic

-Welcome tabs or reveal pages are a great idea since they have an initial effect on the viewer and grab their attention