Operation Uphold Democracy

By: Mazher Hakim


A peacekeeping force of more than 20,000 military members from all five branches and the Haitian military regime that overthrew the elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide


The Haitian coup d'etat overthrew the elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide, and set up a military regime. The American army interfeared, with a mission to restore the legitimate government and create a safe and secure environment for the Haitian people.

When and Where

The operation started in September 1994 and was occuring in the Island nation of Haiti. It officially ended on 31 March 1995
Operation Uphold Democracy (1994-1994)


In December 1990 the Haitian people elected a Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a former priest, as president. He took office in February of the following year, but was obverthrown by the military in September, and Joseph Narette took charge. Later Narette was replaced by Marc Bazin, who resigned in June 1993. The United nations passed an oil and arms embargo, hoping to get the Haitian military to cooperate. General Raoul Cedras, head of the Haitian army, agreed to let President Aristide back to power. On 8 October, the USS Harlan, carrying peacekeepers, attempted to dock in Haiti's capital, but was turned away by an armed mob. President Clinton was infuriated and asked the Joint task force 180 to intervene in Haiti, as the military was using torture, assassination and rape as way of controling the Haitian people. On 31 July 1994, The UN authorized its members to free Haiti of the military dictatorship. The Haitian military finally gave up, and agreed to a peaceful transition of government..


The military overthrew the legal government in Haiti, and started a kind of a dictatorship. The US saw this as a threat to Democracy and worked with Haiti's president to bring back the legal Government in Haiti.


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