Happy Holidays

December 18, 2015

My Pride SOARS/#2185PRIDE

On Friday, you can wear jeans with an Ugly Sweater or a CAMS shirt.

Can you believe that this year is already almost over? I can't either.

As I reflect on what we have been able to accomplish this year, I quickly forget about how exhausted I am, and I realize how blessed I am to be the principal here at Carver Road.

Our year in review:

CAMS was removed from the Focused School List.

We are the undefeated Football team in our region for the regular season.

Both Boys and Girls basketball team are undefeated in the preseason tournament.

We have increased our Partners in Education from 3 to 11.

We have 2 Partners in Education grant recipients.

We have 1 Partners in Education scholarship reimbursement recipient.

Eaglettes are the best walking group.

Boys and Girls Robotics teams advance to the super regionals.

We received a 4 Star Climate Rating

The Department of Education recognizes us as an Operational school for PBIS.

2 of our Warriors are celebrating life.


We were just named a 2016 Model Schools for our best practices.

I have nothing to complain about. I am doing better than I deserve. I hope that you get some rest and enjoy your family. I appreciate all that you do!

January 4, 2015

Report Time 8:15

Breakfast (provided) and Faculty Meeting

Sessions (Grading, Homework, Instructional Framework, Discipline)


Prepare for Performance Review

Lunch on your Own

Math/ELA department Meeting

SC/SS department Meeting

Special Education department Meeting

*Times will be published before January 4.

2016 Model School

Tiffany Taylor

Carver Road Middle School

Griffin, GA 30224

December 16, 2015

Dear Tiffany:

We are pleased to inform you that Carver Road Middle School has been chosen as a 2016 Model School. Congratulations!

Your school stood out to as an exemplary leader among hundreds of others from districts across the country. We at ICLE very much look forward to working with you in the coming months as you prepare to share your best practices with thousands of educators at ICLE’s 24th Annual Model Schools Conference from June 26-29, 2016, in Orlando, FL.

For the past 24 years, ICLE has had the privilege of showcasing hundreds of schools that, like Carver Road Middle School, have made great strides in strengthening rigorous learning for ALL students, increasing student achievement, and building a culture of innovation. Through the Model Schools Conference, educators at all levels are able to connect, share, and learn how to accomplish initiatives like these — and more — in their own classrooms, schools, and districts.

We are extremely proud to add Carver Road Middle School to our distinguished roster of Model Schools. We look forward to meeting you in Orlando in June.

Sincerely, Bill Daggett, Ed.D. Susan A. Gendron Founder & Chairman President

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