IMLEA Monday Minute

March 12, 2018

IMLEA 2018 Conference: Please share your expertise!

Our special website for the conference is now live. You may register, make hotel reservations, and submit a proposal. It is also linked on our IMLEA website.

Please consider submitting a proposal, or encourage others to do so, then use this link. Group presentations are always welcome. To suggest a session or presenter you would like to see, please use this form.

To give you an idea of sessions our members would like to attend, here are some suggestions we have received:

-specific content areas (ie. math, ELA, social studies, science, the arts, world language, PE)

-reducing suspensions

-how the new graduation pathways will affect middle school

-importance of the arts: how they are related to developing reading fluency, dedication, and empathy

Big picture
Our national organization, AMLE, has several suggestions for celebrating Middle Level Education Month. One of the most visible is their twitter campaign, #MLEM18 Why not tweet some things to share from your school? When you check the twitter feed, you will see videos, activities, teachers explaining why they like teaching at the middle level, and more. (You don't even have to have a twitter account to see it.)

Google Applied Skills

I recently attended a training for Google's Applied Digital Skills. I could see many connections for classrooms. You can preview the different projects here, some which could lend themselves to interdisciplinary projects and collaboration among teachers, your librarian, and others. As students work through the units, they also learn by collaborating with others. You do not have to be a Google district to use this curriculum.

Article of the Week: Abolish Middle School? Not so Fast, New Study Says

This could get your staff talking: K-5, 6-8? K-8? K-12? This article summarizes recent research dealing with just one district, but also includes some past studies.

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