Principal Points

August Newsletter


I want to welcome everyone to a brand new school year at Westridge Elementary. It has been great meeting you and your families. I am honored to work with your students this year. I am very excited to be a part of the success and momentum that has been building at WRE. We are striving to make each student 21st Century learners.

The key to developing a generation of successful American innovators is to encourage the enhancement of collaboration communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills. We must educate our students to be thoughtful, ethical, and confident global citizens. This is critical in developing their employability skills, productivity as citizens, and compete in a global society. Here at Westridge, we are dedicated to creating an environment for students to grow into these 21st century learners.

Here are some resources that contain more information about 21st Century learning.



A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel H. Pink

Drive by Daniel H. Pink

How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner

Procedure Reminder


To enhance the safety of our building and to begin gradually developing independence in your children, we want to assist you in helping them independently walk into school.

  • Beginning Monday, Aug. 17 we will not allow parents to go to the classrooms in the morning unless a meeting has been scheduled with the teacher. However, you are more than welcome to eat breakfast with your child after signing in with the office.
  • Beginning the week of August 24th , we will be asking parents to drop off their children using the car line and not walking them into the building.
  • Please have your students ready to exit the car once your car stops in front of the cafeteria awning.
  • Enter only through the Main Office entrance


  • We will dismiss at 2:40 pm.
  • For the safety of the kids, please do not pass other cars while waiting in the car line.
  • Yield to the buses as they leave the bus circle.
  • You must give transportation changes BEFORE 2:00 pm!
  • Please use the car rider line to pick up your child. Do not park to pick up your child unless you have been given permission by the school administration.



Reach Them All


Reach every child, family and the community through

- 21st Century teaching practices

- extensive extra-curricular activities

- meaningful academic relationships

- targeted outreach opportunities

- Develop leadership skills in all students

Belief Statements

Westridge is continuously working towards every:

-child being involved in a club or activity of their choice

-child being exposed to the Next Generation Science Standard

- child using thinking strategies in academic and social development

- family/community member feeling welcomed to participate in outreach and educational opportunities

- family/community member being informed and educated about the successes of Westridge.


—Important that your child is here everyday and on time.

¡Doors Open: 7:15 am

¡Tardy bell: 7:45 am

¡Dismissal: 2:40 pm


—If your child is absent 3 days or more, without a valid excuse, your child is considered truant (pg. 10 Parent/Student Handbook)

—Send written note to school following absence (3 days of absence).


—After 5 parent notes, a doctor’s note is required in order for absence to be excused; not to exceed a cumulative of 10 notes.


—Transportation changes can only be taken in a written form.


—Cannot be taken over the phone.

—All transportation changes should be made prior to 2:00 p.m.

—Car riders: required to have a car rider pass


—Parents/ visitors required to sign-in/out at front office

—Visitor sticker should be worn at all times

—Car riders:

- Car Tag

- Provide I.D.

- Must be on pick up list or named on the note.

- In writing

- —Emergency procedures regularly practiced.


—Following dismissal- enter through the bus side doors.


—After 6pm, the staff member will let you in.


—Please do not prop doors open.