November 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr. Support Staff


November 18-22 the Support Services Team will be observing Bullying Prevention Week.

Weekly Activities include:

Counselors will be making appointments with the science teachers to do Bullying Prevention Lessons during that week in science classes.

Students from Communities In Schools will be doing Bullying Facts during the morning and afternoon announcements beginning on Tuesday. In the morning there will be a Bully Fact and the afternoon there will be a Bully Prevention Quote of the Day.

We will be showing some Public Service Announcements(PSAs) during the week dealing with bullying.

There will be a Crack the Code Poster posted on each hallway. Answers will be given to the grade level counselors for a drawing at the end of the week. Ms. Stevenson has provided some words for this.

On Friday, students will be asked to sign the CMS Bullying Pledge. Goal is 100% participation for this event. These pledges will be sent to John Councilman for school participation. The school with 100% participation are entered into a drawing for a concert with CBS Radio.

We ask that all teachers tune in for the morning and afternoon announcemen