Code of Ethics Violators

by Nick Martin


Charlie Savage, a reporter for the New York Times, violated the newspaper's own code of ethics by printing a false story about the ongoing congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious. He said that house speaker John Boehner has opened participating in talks with the Department of Justice even thug this was not true. Boehner then said that this was in fact false and that neither the newspaper nor Save asked Boehner's team before publishing the story.

My Opinion

Savage and the New York Times should have reached out to Boehner so they could get make sure everything was correct before publish in. If they had done this, they would not be in this situation. Although they should've reached out, I think that Savage knew this information was false and that's why he didn't try to reach out.

How would I have handled the situation?

First, I would not have made up false information and then published it to the New York Times. I would have reported the truth and verified my article with Boehner before publishing it.


It was unclear what his punishment was or will be. Both the newspaper and Savage declined to comment and tell what happened next. All that was said was that the New York Times said that he violated the code of ethics and he will be held accountable for his actions.