Rock Cycle

By Evan Mansil

What Is a Rock?

A rock is a naturally occurring solid mixture of one or more minerals and organic matter!

Are there different types of rocks?

Yes, of course! There is 3 types of rocks-Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic.

Here is what they look like and how they are made!

How do you Identify the three types of rocks?

  • Igneous Rock: You can identify them by feeling there rough indentions and little specks of luster. You can sometimes see the red or pink spots around the dark ashy looking rock.
  • Sedimentary Rock: You can identify them feeling their dusty surfaces that seem so fragile. They are usually have a worn brown or tan look to them and have other rocks inside them.
  • Metamorphic Rock: You can identify them by seeing their most identifiable lines and wavy feel to them.