The 1960's

By: Alissa Coyle

John F. Kennedy

Stimulating the Economy

By 1960, the United States was in recession. With this, Kennedy had a plan. JFK and his team pushed for the use of deficit spending. The Department of Defense received a 20 percent increased budget for new weapons and an expansion of the armed services. Congress also approved a package that increased the minimum wage $1.25 an hour, extended unemployment insurance, and provided assistance to cities with high unemployment.

Addressing Domestic Problems

Most people in America didn't realize all that was actually going on around them and that there were a lot of people in poverty in America. Kennedy realized that he needed to start focusing on the poverty issues in America instead of on other countries. By doing so, he started making bills and proposals.

Why was John F. Kennedy assassinated?

I think that JFK was assassinated because of all of the things that he was trying to do. He was trying to take segregation away and pass the Civil Rights Act and during the time period, whites treated other ethnicities so terribly just because they weren't the same color as them, and so by JFK taking the risks to do this, he was risking so many people disagreeing with him a lot.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson only had eleven months to make himself look like he was a good president, and he went and finished up a lot of what JFK had wanted to do himself. I think that with what LBJ had, he did a good job with it and I think that he was a good person for right after JFK.

Miranda vs. Arizona

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I believe that with the Supreme Court's ruling of saying that his confession was unconstitutional, that it was the right thing to do and everything that happened afterwards except for that I would still give him some kind of sentence other than just what he got because of what he did- for there was a reason why he went to court in the first place.

He was getting his confession put against him in court because he had made that confession all because he didn't know of all his rights. I feel like the whole situation is similar to civil rights because he was getting treated a certain way and because he was just making a confession they weren't going to stop him from it because he was admitting that he was guilty.