Weather Or Not

By Lance

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This 1709 weather device is used to detect temperate in a room, outside or in a person's body. This tool is recommend to everyone
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This 1450 wind speed telling device has three cups and a wire the cups spin and the wire tells how fast the wind is. This tool is good for farmers and meteorologists.
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rain gauge

This 1441 tool collects rain to see how much falls in a certain amount of time. This tool is good for anyone.
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wind vane

This 1900 tool is used to see how fast and which way the wind is blowing. This is a great tool for farmers.
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satellite image

This 1990 weather tool shows us images of earth from a satellite in outer space. This is a great tool for meteorologists.
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weather map

The weather map was invented in 1990. This quick looking at device is really a map of weather. This is a great product for meteorologists to use.