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December, 2018

Tis The Season....

Happy December! I hope you had a restful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. December is a time of giving so please consider sharing these resources and opportunities with your faculty and staff. I would greatly appreciate your feedback so do not hesitate to email me your thoughts at

Thank you for everything you do, God Bless!

ADW Teacher Website - Educational Technology

Check out the Educational Technology sub tabs on the NEWLY updated ADW Teacher Site. Please share with the educators in your building! Use the left-hand menu to scroll to Educational Technology - Click it to see additional ed tech tabs.

Winter is Coming.... and so is a NEW ADW Book Study

The Archdiocese of Washington will be hosting a winter book study. This is our way to invite you to actively participate in our professional learning community made up of learners who are teachers. A book study is a way to do professional learning that you might not have tried before or thought of doing outside of your school. Of course, when trying something new, it’s always great to have some friends along to try it with.

The Book: The book we will be reading is Blended Learning in Action: Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change by Catlin R. Tucker, Tiffany Wycoff, Jason T. Green

About the Book Study: Book study online discussions will be held during the months of January and February. More information will be sent to participants.

Participant Criteria: In order to participate in the book study, you must add to our online weekly discussion.

For 1 MSDE credit, a 1-2 page reflection paper is due by March 23, 2019. Participants must also attend our video conferoce online on February 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM.

Price: Just the price of the book!


November 30: Click here to register

January 5 - March 2: Reading, discussion, and blog posts will continue a chapter at a time each week with online discussions.

February 11 at 7:00PM: Particpate in a Google Hangout group video conference. Attendance is mandatory for MSDE credit.

March 2: Create and share a Station Rotation Lesson for your students or teacher PD due online.

March 23: 1-2 page reflection paper due to Vicky McCann at

December 10, 2018

This month is a special collaborative #AOBEdChat with the Archdiocese of Washington, Catholic Schools. The topic will be collaboration. A special guest from Empatico will also join us to talk about global collaboration opportunities. We are looking forward to a great night of collaboration and learning from each other.

NEW to Twitter or want to participate in the chat LIVE with a group? Join members of the AOB and ADW communities LIVE at The School of the Incarnation at 6PM on December 10 to enjoy pizza and prepare for the chat.

Address: School of the Incarnation, 2601 Symphony Lane, Gambrills, MD 21054, 410-519-2285

So we order enough pizza, R.S.V.P by filling out this Google Form:

Looking forward to a great night of learning and collaborating both live and through social media!

Print this flyer to promote and share with your teachers

Be entered to win a giveaway (see attached image). How to win:
1) Join the chat (hashtag to be shared later)
2) Bring a friend/colleague
3) Both of you participate in the chat
4) Message me @techmcnorris22 or to tell me who you are and who you brought to the chat

Let's Connect On Social Media

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ADW Collaborators Educational Technology Website

Find educational technology news, updates, resources, and tools here! Find out about EdCamps and see ADW ed tech happenings from your fellow educators! Share your news with and #ADWEdTech

EdCamp ADW - Save The Date!

February 23, 2019

We are looking forward to seeing you at our February Edcamp. Grow your professional learning community, share what makes you passionate, learn about things outside of your comfort zone! Come for the food and giveaways, stay for the collaboration and learning experiences. More information to come!

See more about EdCamp ADW here;

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Email us at

Big picture
In preparation for Catholic Schools Week, January 27th - February 3, 2019, we should reach out to other Catholic Schools for curriculum collaboration. Sign up here and contact other innovative educators like yourself. The possibilities are endless.

Find pen pals, mystery skype, student blogging, cultural experiences, participate in Global Projects etc.

CSEdWeek and The Hour of Code arrive December 3-9, 2018

What is Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) and The Hour of Code?

Computer Science Education Week or CSEdWeek is an annual program designed to inspire K-12 students to take an interest in computer science. The program was originated by the Computing in the Core coalition,, and is supported by partners and educators worldwide. The philosophy is simple but significant: every student deserves the opportunity to learn computer science.

Hour of Code is a global movement in over 180 countries and is a quick way to introduce coding to students or anyone. Anyone can learn the basics of computer science in a fun and easy way! By spending as little as one hour, you can spark coding interest in your students with one-hour lesson plans, tutorials, interactives and games.

How to Run an Hour of Code

Ready to get started? Running an Hour of Code doesn’t have to be complicated. The resources are abundant and easy-to-follow. Sign-up here to get FREE resources!

No matter what grade level you teach, or what devices you have available, every student can participate in the Hour of Code and learn the basic principles that apply to all programming languages (like sequencing and looping). There are even options to go “unplugged” if you do not have access to devices in your classroom because students can learn computer science principles with something as simple as a deck of cards.


STEM – Leading with Science!

Join Lab Learner & NCEA for a free webinar that will focus on STEM education from a neurocognitive perspective. You'll hear from industry leaders the details of how to build strong science or STEM programs, curriculum, and lesson plans that support learning and memory. In addition, you will understand why this style of teaching enhances student problem-solving skills.

Your colleagues from St. Joseph School - Fullerton in Baltimore, MD will share the practical implications of this new approach to teaching and learning. They will also share their own classroom and student experiences, so you can hear firsthand the advantages of a neurocognitive perspective to science.

For more information about other NCEA webinars, visit our website.

Great Tech for Cultivating Compassion - SEL, Social Emotional Learning

"Compassion is the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another's suffering and have the desire to help. People often confuse this with empathy or being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Technology can help supplement the modeling of compassion that occurs in classrooms by providing game-based learning with sympathetic characters or getting students to think about the struggles our world faces every day. Once students feel compassion for someone, they may be spurred to real action. Check out these tools that help students report bullying, get them reflecting through meditation, and spark them to lead community-based projects.

Interested in seeing tips on how you might use some of these tools in the classroom? Check out our blog series We All Teach SEL: Inspiring Activities for Every Classroom. " Read more and see the 24 Tools here

Quick Start Guide for Adobe Spark for Education - FREE for Schools

Monica Burns of shares how students can use Adobe Spark for Education to demonstrate what they've learned about a topic, synthesize information, and create a sharable movie, website or graphic with Adobe Spark. Bring more creativity into your classroom across all grade levels. Read more here