Mid West History

By Mason , Aubree , And Ayden

Why did the Europeans move beyond there borders to america in the 1600's-1800's?

  • So they can trade fur and afford food and shelter.
  • They wanted better a better life and good paying jobs.
  • Did you know about 17 MILLION Europeans immigrants entered the United States.
  • In the early 2000's there were probably more than 10 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Why are we called the Bread basket

we are able to produce corn wheat and oats which are

all in bread so that's is how we got the nick name bread


Why are we called the corn belt

The Corn Belt is a region of the Midwestern United States where corn (maize) has, since the 1850s, been the predominant crop, replacing the native tall grasses. By 1950, 99% of the corn was grown from hybrids. Most corn is fed to livestock, especially hogs and poultry. In recent decades soybeans have grown in importance. The U.S. produces 40% of the world crop.

Why are we called the Heartland

Because the "Heartland" is the middle of America geographically. The term "Middle West" originated in the 19th century, followed by "Midwest" and "Heartland", and referred to generally the same areas and states in the region.

How did the pioneers get to the midwest in the 1800s ?

They traveled down the water ways. The railroads ships and small boats

oceans rivers lakes and bicycles are ways that they traveled

It took four to six weeks to get to the place. they traveled by the wagons

They traveled to a lot of places.