Dr. Shaw's Weekly Newsletter

December 14th - 18th

Greetings Everyone!

And then there was one. One week left in the semester. It's hard to believe!

We have a busy week on tap. Monday through Thursday, the students will be taking part in their mid-year district assessments. We've been reviewing for the tests for the past two weeks while wrapping up new content, and we will continue to review through Wednesday's school day.

Speaking of Wednesday, our class holiday party is Wednesday. Please check out the email sent by Ms. Adams last week with a link to the sign up page for items that we need for the party. Due to limited parking, this is not an event where parent attendance is encouraged. Thank you for your understanding.

Please remind your child to use his or her device responsibly and to make sure it's turned off or muted when not in use. Texting is not an appropriate use of the device during school hours. Thank you for your support.

Please continue to collect Box Tops. Our next contest ends in February!

Here's what is coming up in academics this week:

In math, we will review for the DA and finish up some problem solving exemplars next week. We will also indulge in some math brainteasers and number puzzles. Please check the portal over the weekend for your child's score on the math test we took on the 11th.

In social studies, we will continue the DA review Monday - Wednesday. With the exception of the DA, all social studies grades have been entered in the grade book.

In science, we finished up our constructive/destructive forces unit with a test on the 10th. Those grades are posted. Next week, we will partake in a STEAM project involving flood control. The lab will be graded. The students have also turned in graphic organizers that they created on these forces in preparation for their oral presentations next week in language arts. I will grade the graphic organizers over the weekend and Mrs. B. will be grading their speeches for a language arts grade.

There are great resources on eClass for both science and social studies. I am adding a featured website to the landing page every week. Also, check out the links under the Resources tab that provide students with game based activities to review science content and an important Google map of places we have studied in socials studies so far this year. Students are responsible for identifying specific geographic locations in social studies.

Next week will be a busy one in ELA. Monday, the students will take their ELA District Assessment. Starting Tuesday, the students will be presenting their speeches based upon their research on constructive and destructive forces. Time permitting, the students will continue to work on their snowman stories. Given the warm temperatures, the students will have the ability to be very creative with their work! Frosty needs to stay frozen! We will also continue the reading of Auggie & Me. Mrs. B is hopeful that the students are finding this book as heartwarming as she has. There are a multitude of lessons to be learned from this special young man.

Looking ahead- As the students are enjoying their break, please take a moment to ask about the quality of folders and if supplies need to be replenished. Many of the folders are now well worn and need replacing. Thank you in advance for your support.

One last word from Mrs. Blankenship...Please remember the ten minute nightly ELA Classworks assignment should be completed Monday-Thursday.

Upcoming Events/Deadlines

Drama Club Performance - December 17th - 6:45 P.M.

Last Day of the Term - December 18th

Winter Break - December 19th - January 5th

Students Return - January 6th

Have a wonderful week!

Dr. Shaw