Math Wrap-Up


What's the connection?

“Mathematically proficient students blend their knowledge of math content with their ability to apply that knowledge to solve problems, communicate math ideas, justify solutions, model math concepts, and reason to make sense of mathematics”

Book Study

Putting the Practices Into Action

Implementing the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, K-8

Essential Question

What are the Standards for Mathematical Practice and how do they fit in my daily lessons?

What does this mean for us?

  • Number talks
  • Problem of the day
  • Anchor charts
  • Math tool kits
  • Math centers
  • Guided math

Resources for getting started....

Setting the stage


•Is there time for discussion

•Is there time for small group work

•Is there time to address individual student needs


•Are there “hands-on” materials

•Are the materials easily accessible

•Does the room arrangement promote collaboration


•Are the students encouraged to take risks

•Are the students discussing and defending their mathematical positions

•Are students encouraged to continue to persist on their own and/or in groups to find solutions


•Are teachers providing the answers or asking questions that allow students to make sense of the math

•Is the lesson teacher directed or is there a mix of small group, whole group and individual

More S'mores!

What does it look like?

Number Talk Videos

Problem of the Day

Anchor Charts

Math Journals

Morning Meeting

Number of the Day

Math Centers

First in Math - Sharing Experiences

Math Games

Group Problem Solving

Wall Prompts of Math Practices

Problem Solving Steps

Number Talk Sentence Starters

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What's next?


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