Poor Jane

Mo, Yonah, Christian: The Struggle in Jamestown

The forensic reconstruction of Jane, the 14 year old victim of cannbalism at Jamestown during the winter of 1609.
  • Website Title: CNN
  • Article Title: Researchers: Jamestown settlers resorted to cannibalism
  • Publisher: Cable News Network
  • Electronically Published: January 01, 1970
  • Date Accessed: December 02, 2014
  • Author: Elizabeth Landau

Cannibalism in jamestown

During the time period of 1609-1610 in Jamestown was a horrible time period for 300 colonists. They called this the "Starving Time," when they were under siege and had no way to get food. 240 colonists died during that time because they couldn't find food. Some people believed that people were cannibal and ate they own people because there was nothing else to eat. Jane skull was the first skull that people found that showed signs/marks of cannibalism.
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