Franke / Trede Updates

Mrs. Franke and Mrs. Trede's 5th Grade Class

May 2016

Thank you all so much for a wonderful teacher appreciation week. All of the school supplies, notes, coffees, treats, and flowers were so thoughtful. I am so lucky to work in such a supportive community with AMAZING families!
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Reader's Workshop

We have started new book clubs. Each time your child has a book club meeting, they need at least 5 sticky notes to mark their thinkings for conversations starters and a completed reflection. Here is a link to the expectations and a link to the calendar of when each group is meeting.

The students are also getting mini-lessons on different propaganda techniques in order to understand bias in the author's message.

Writer's Workshop

The students are continuing to work on their research papers. All of the students should have their rough drafts complete, this week we will be peer editing and revising our papers to ensure we have enough information and have used the correct organization and a scholarly voice throughout our report. Next week, we will be working on our multi-media presentations and will be presenting our new learning in the following weeks. Here is the student's research timeline.


The students have finished their unit on growth patterns. They worked on creating and using tables and graphs to represent growth patterns and creating algebraic equations to represent the growth pattern. We are now reviewing order of operations and fraction equations. When we finish our review, we will be working on describing, summarizing, comparing and representing data.


The students will be starting their unit on roller coaster physics. Throughout this unit, the students will be learning about forces and Newton's laws of motion. The homework for this unit will be online through Discovery Education. This online homework, videos and reading, will allow us to do a lot of hands-on activities in class, and in the end - create a marble roller coaster!


MAPS Testing

We will be doing our final MAPS tests in the next couple of weeks:

Tuesday 5/10 at 10:00 - Reading

Tuesday 5/17 at 12:45 - Math

Please try to not schedule any appointments or vacations for your child during these times.

Spring Concert/Musical

Our 13 Colonies Musical will be our Spring Concert! The musical will be performed on May 27th at 2:30 in the Parkview gym.

Opportunity Day

Opportunity Day is on Friday. May 20th. Please make sure your child is dressed comfortable on this day.