The Protestant Reformation

1517-1685 Stefan Begic

Introduction of the Refromation

The protestant reformation was about different people doubting the church and its rules. Different people started branching out of the church and making different kinds of religion away from the roman catholic church.

Jan Hus

Was a Czech priest who spoke heresy against the church. Once the pope found out about this he was burned at the stake. He was the first person to speak out against church. He was also a philosopher and a reformer.

Henry VIII

Was once the king of England and married 6 different wives and one only ended up living. When he married his first wife he wanted a divorce and the pope would not grant him one. So king Henry decided to separate from the church and went to monarch so he could divorce his wives. He was excommunicated from the church.

Religious Impacts

Selling Idulgences

The pope needed money to build a new church called "St. Peter's Church". To get the money he told the people that they could buy there way into heaven. Hussites stared to doubt what the church was saying. Every day after service people put money in a box. Thats when the 95 theses were made.

95 Theses

Martin Luther made the 95 theses. The 95 theses was about all the promblems he had with the church. One problem he had was buying your way into heaven. The church abused the people, so that why Martin Luther made the 95 theses.


Wittenburg, Germany

Was where Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses. The impact on that started an religion called Lutheran. Martin Luther's followers were called Hussites.