What's Happening

Week of March 11th


Monday, March 11th

8:15-11:30 Instructional Rounds--Loess Hills

12:30 Teacher Observation

1:15 Tornado Drill

1:30 Meet with ALT school

2:50 PLCs and PD

4:30 BVU Teacher Education Advisory Committee

Tuesday, March 12th

**Leprechaun Salad Bar

8:00 Preschool Team meeting

8:45-12:15 Niki and Angie Walk through Literacy Blocks

2:05 Help with YR

3:40 10 min stand up meeting

6:00 OURS parent group meeting

Wednesday, March 13th

**On call for Loess Hills

8:00 CARE/Tier 2

9:00 Meet with Brian Fahrenholdz

10:45 Help with YR

11:30 Meeting

1:00 Meeting

2:30 Help with YR

3:50 BLT meeting

Thursday, March 14th

7:30 Blood Draw

8:00 Special Ed-Resource

8:00-10:00 TQ Meeting

10:00-11:00 Classroom

2:30 Help with YR

2:30 Eligibility meeting

3:00 Preschool IEP meeting

4:30 Beauty Shop----good bye gray!

Friday, March 15th

*Wear Green for Dr. Rogers

8:00 Safety Committee Meeting

8:25 Walk and Talk

9:00 Teacher classroom

9:30 Heidi, Angie, Niki Walkthrough Literacy Blocks

2:05 Help with YR

5:00 Dr. Roger's Memorial Service

Saturday, March 16th

10:30 Dr. Roger's Celebration of Life

Building relationships and Mental Health

I recently read an article in Phi Delta Kappan and thought it might be helpful to share some nuggets of information. If you would like a copy of the article please let me know.

We know that students with mental health are often misunderstood. They are often triggered by everyday requests which could be something as simple as being asked to move seats. The flight, freeze or fight responses can also easily be triggered by tone of voice alone.

The article indicates that students need "a steady diet of positive interactions with their teachers." (Minahan, 2019).

* Consider a signal or moving to the student to give feedback versus a public demand in front of peers.

*Consider sitting across from them or at their level instead of standing directly over them.

*Find out what the student's top 3 interests are and greet them at the door by asking them a question about or commenting on one of them.

*Bring a student needing attention with you to the copy machine to chat about a shared experience.

*Ask someone to cover your class for a few moments so that you can take a walk with the student at chat.

*Take the time to have lunch with the student.

*Praise does not always have to be verbal. Consider making a plan with the student regarding how they would like you to show how proud you are. It could be a visual thumbs up or a high five.

*Be specific in your praise. You have been working straight for x minutes...great job!

*Give students choices rather than a directive if necessary. Do you want to sit over here or over here versus sit down.

*Start with a positive. "I like how you are participating in the activity, but could you use a level x voice please"

*Consider writing the direction quick on a sticky note, giving it to the student and then walking away.

Classroom Doors

Chapter 46 of the International Fire Code states that the latching mechanism is a required component to effectively limit the spread of smoke if a fire occurs. This means that we are not allowed to have rubber bands or other items that prevent the doors from latching. Please remove the rubber bands from your classroom doors by the end of the day Monday.

In addition when we get air conditioning the doors will need to be latched shut so that the HVAC system works properly. We will have conversations about next steps in an upcoming meeting. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Mar. 18 ELPA testing window starts

Mar. 21 Spring Pictures

Mar. 22 Dr. Gausman at Riverside for "Life as a Student"

Mar. 25 6:00 K/1 Music Program; 6:45 2/3 Music Program

Mar. 25 Report cards and IEP progress reports to me so I can preview before Thursday

Mar. 26 6:00 4th/5th grade Orchestra concert--West High

Mar. 27 5:00 Food Bank Volunteering Opportunity

Mar. 28 Report Cards go home