Office of Tutoring Services

September 2022-Newsletter

Mission & Vision


The Office of Tutoring Services will deliver opportunities to lay the foundation for students to achieve optimal success by establishing enhanced school and community partnerships.


To provide various, diverse modes of learning opportunities to students and schools that are innovative, fun, and lead to accomplishing greatness.

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Please send a warm welcome to our new director at the Office of Tutoring Services!

Principal's Departmental Updates Meeting

Please join our session on August 31, 2022 at the Principal's Departmental Updates Meeting. We will briefly share a few updates and training sign up from the Office of Tutoring Services. The information to join the meeting is in the current WAIP.
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This is the guide on how to use the student TutorTracker and the link to access the system. Be sure to always input the students time they spent in tutoring so they can get credit.