English I

Lisa Pogue, Royse City High School

Agenda, Week of March 21, 2016

Homework - the only homework students have is work they do not complete in class.

This Week's Agenda: EOC Review

Monday - Cross-Genre Passages Reading EOC Review - students who did not finish in class should finish for homework.

Tuesday - Cross-Genre Passages Reading EOC Review - Short answer questions writing and scoring

Wednesday - Revising and Editing EOC Review - expository essay planning - homework if not finished in class

Thursday - Scoring Essays
Friday - No School - Good Friday

Parent Information

Several students have still not turned in their essay that counts as a test grade this six weeks. Students who have not turned this in currently have an M in the gradebook. If your child has turned it in, then their grade is blank. Please check parent portal to be sure your child is current on all assignments.

Unit 4 Test grades were entered before spring break. Students who did not pass this test must come before or after school to improve their grade. We will NOT have time to do this in class. The deadline for redos is Thursday, April 1st. Please be sure your child makes plans to come in and take care of this if they need to.

Our End of Course Exam is March 29th. Mark your calendar to be sure your child attends school that day. If your child has not been consistently passing our unit tests, please encourage them to do their best on test day. It is much better for them to pass the first time around and count it done, rather than worry about summer school retakes, and/or remediation classes and retakes next year. This exam is required for graduation. For several, I believe it is more of a matter of effort than ability. They have the skills; they just need to put forth their best effort.

Tutoring This Week

Additional Tutoring Times for Mrs. Pogue (classwork assistance)

Wednesday: 3:45 - 5:00

Thursday: 8:00 - 8:30 am (in my classroom)

Thursday: 4 - 6 pm (in the library;) - This is a good day to take care of test corrections or get essays completed.

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