Global Warming

How industrialization negatively impacts the earth

The Problem

Human’s productions of greenhouse gases are having a large effect on the environment and causing a dangerous future. Temperature has increased, icebergs are melting, weather is more extreme, and time is growing short. After decades, scientists have finally figured out the main cause of global warming: humans. The growth of temperature is exponentially increasing and soon enough it will be too late to change.

Temperature Growth Over Time

The following graph shows the increase of global temperatures from 1860 to 2000, loosely following the equation y=.0056x+3.1035.
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Global Mean Surface Temperature

The graph below is represented by the equation

.000001369463X^3 – 0.0079X^2 + 15.26X – 9804.84

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The Solution

These temperatures are going to continue to rise if nothing is done, and there is definitely a way to fix it or reduce it. If we were to harness the power of rivers and other water sources or use the wind to create energy, and make this our main and only source of energy then we would reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned exponentially. Also, solar energy can be used to power our homes and many other things we use every day.

How will this solution work?

Solution Idea

Something we could try is to develop a way to harness enough energy to power a car. We could place solar panels on the car and use that energy to run the car, similar to an electric car but it could be charged while you are driving as well.
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Overall, our consumption of fossil fuels in the past 200 years has created a huge greenhouse worldwide. If we could only use more efficient and cost effective ways of creating energy then the temperature rise would eventually level out and start a downfall to where we were two centuries ago. Fossil fuels are good sources of energy but they create too much CO2 which makes the temperature rise, so we need a good solution and there are some.