Best Teaching Practices 2014-2015

Jan Cutforth - Georgia Virtual School - World Languages

This is completed in partial fulfillment of the ePortfolio requirements for Georgia Virtual School.

February, 2015

It is important to add variety to the discussions to entice students to come back and read what other students as well as the teacher has written. I have also learned to "pin" a discussion so that it is at top of each discussion group. It is important for the teacher to ask questions of the students as well as provide remediation as necessary in a discussion to insure student success.
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April, 2015

It is important to ask questions in a discussion that will promote student interaction and response. Sometimes, they need a little reminder. Posting reminders on the home page in the news section, serves that purpose. It is also important to individualize the discussions for the level of the students. Therefore, each student was asked an individual question that was at their comprehension level and related to the topic they wrote about.
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