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Teachers Collaborating So We Can All Grow ~ Oct. 9, 2019

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Turn a Simple Worksheet Into a Collaborative Activity

Turn your worksheet into a critical thinking, collaborative activity with virtually NO PREPARATION on your part! Check out these three simple strategies to get your students communicating -

1) TO TEACH IS TO LEARN TWICE - Have students complete the worksheet (or perhaps just certain questions on the worksheet) and leave an INTENTIONAL mistake in their process or thinking. Then have them exchange papers and find and correct the "mistakes." Each student must explain what the mistake was and how they should fix it.

2) NUMBERED HEADS - Divide students in teams of three to four with each student numbered. Have them work through the worksheet together. It is important every group member understand every question, as they don't know which member number will be called to share the group's thinking. Then call out which group member number will answer the question aloud or on a whiteboard.

3) MY MISTAKE - After everyone has completed the worksheet, place students in two lines facing each other (either in concentric circles, or in a row). Give them 30-60 seconds to explain their process or justify their thinking to their partner for question 1. Then have them rotate (one seat down or one partner to the right, etc.) to a new partner and do it again for question 2, and on and on until the you have completed all the questions.

Ideas adapted from Angela Watson.
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Differentiating Our Techniques to Reach All Learners

For this edition of Coaching Connection, we feature differentiation techniques intended to reach varied learners. Special Educator Kris Nibbelink has been very busy finding ways to get her students involved and to take control of their learning. When trying to connect with students who have historically been unengaged in school, frameworks and structured assignments are a must for keeping students on track and following along with class material.

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Screencastify & Screen Cast-o-Matic - a simple way to record and edit video

Bring your lunch and your laptop during both lunches on Tues., Oct. 22 at WSHS 245, or Thur., Oct. 24 at the ALC Office Meeting Room to for an overview of using Screencastify and Screen Cast-o-Matic. Attendance is optional, CEUs will be provided. Sign up on Keep Certified. The Brown Bag Lunch Talks Series is an opportunity for targeted professional development and sharing ideas in a positive, supportive environment.

Book Study - The Second Mountain

This New York Times Bestseller deals with leadership and helping people find their purpose in life. This applies to teachers, students, and staff. It helps ground us in the deeper reasons of why we teach and what school is for. We will find a time that works best for the participants. The general timeframe is late Fall or early Winter. The cost of the book and your time for the two book discussions will be paid for. Contact Dwayne Voegeli by October 14 to reserve your book.

Find an Instructional Coach

Find an Instructional Coach

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WSHS Room 245

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