Posted/Finalized Report

Running the "Campus Grades Posted and Finalized" report.

Step 1:

Click on Report Profiles on the navigation sections of TEAMS.
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Step 2:

You can type in the search bar, or look for the report named "Campus Grades Posted and Finalized".
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Step 3:

Your search criteria can vary depending on the information you are trying to see.
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Exclude Sections that are finalized?

Yes - will NOT include and sections that HAVE BEEN finalized.

No - WILL include sections that HAVE BEEN finalized

Exclude sections with any grades?

Yes - Will NOT include sections with ANY grades.

No - WILL include sections with grades.

How to use these:

If you want to see which Teachers haven't entered grades at all, you would select "Yes" for "Exclude sections that are finalized?" and "Yes" for "Exclude sections with any grades?".

If you want to see sections that have not been finalized but have grades, you will select "Yes" for "Exclude sections that are finalized?" and "No" for "Exclude sections without any grades?".

Step 4:

The report will show you a list of courses.

When looking at the report, it will show "# of Students" and "# of Grades".

If these columns MATCH, The teacher has posted.

If these columns DONT MATCH, the Teacher has NOT posted.

If # of Grades = 0, the Teacher has NOT entered ANY grades.

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