Somerset ES Staff Bulletin

Week of June 13th and June 20th

The Last Bulletin of the Year!

Events This Week

Monday (6/13) -

1:45-3:00 Grade 5 Promotion Rehearsal

3:45-4:45 Leadership Team Meeting

Tuesday (6/14)-

9:00-10:30 Grade 2 Talent Show

11:00-12:15 Grade 2 EOY Party (Side Playground)

1:45-3:00 Grade 5 Promotion Rehearsal

7:00-9:00 Grade 5 Promotion - BCC HS

IEP/EMT -- Coverage

9:30 Rich -- Lambert-Williamson

10:30 Pickar -- Lambert-Williamson

1:30 Sisti -- Andreassi

Wednesday (6/15)

Grade 4 EOY Party

10:45-1:15 Grade 5 EOY Party (Bowling)

1:45-3:00 Grade 1 EOY Party

IEP/EMT -- Coverage

10:30 Hopkins -- Lambert-Williamson

Thursday (6/16)

2:00-3:00 Grade 3 EOY Party

IEP/EMT -- Coverage

10:30 Pickar -- K. Truppner

10:30 Thompson -- Lambert-Williamson

1:30 Matwey -- Andreassi

2:30 McIntosh -- T. Truppner

Friday (6/17)

9:30-9:55 K-2 Summer Reading Assembly

10:00-10:30 3-5 Summer Reading Assembly

2:00 5th Grade Clap Out

4:00-6:00 EOY Fiesta at Colleen's House

Monday (6/20)

Half Day - Last Day of School for Students

1:30-2:30 Staff Meeting/Luncheon

Tuesday (6/21)

Last Day of School for Staff

Upcoming Events

July 12 -- Summer Leadership Meeting

August 16 -- Summer Leadership Meeting

August 23 -- 1st Day of Preservice

August 26 -- Kindergarten Parent Meeting 9:00-10:00

August 26 -- Sneak Peek K-5 10:30-11:30

August 29 -- School Begins

September 5 -- No School – Labor Day

September 6 -- Back-to-School-Night – Grades K-2

September 12 -- No School – Professional Day for Staff

September 13 -- Back-to-School- Night – Grades 3-5

Staff Recognition

Kudos to:

- Rich for a really fun kindergarten play day! Thank you for all of the time, planning and work with the volunteers. A great time was had by all the kids and teachers too!

- All grade level teams for collaborative and thoughtful articulation meetings this week.

- Ms. Lambert-Williamson for finishing MAP testing!

- All the staff members who brought in items for the Volunteer Breakfast. It was a great success!

- The enitre Somerset staff for continuing with their high expectations for student learning and student behavior until the end of the year! Way to go!

- Kat and Brooke for leading the Awards Assembly.

-Matt, Jackie, and Harry. Matt coordinated and Jackie and Harry moved furniture into and out of the resource office. They also moved one of our file cabinets within our room. They made everything flow seamlessly, and we appreciate them taking time to make the move happen.

Happy Birthday to:


6/12 Harry Callum (Bldg Svcs, late shift)

6/14 Kat McGrady (Counselor)

6/17 Rich House (PE)

6/19 Danielle Tevlowitz (Sped Teacher)

6/20 Maureen Turner (Assistant Principal)

6/25 Molly Woods (Grade 2)


8/6 Annie Davidov (Kindergarten)

8/7 Jackie Fazio (Bldg Svcs, day shift)

8/8 Michelle Gins (Sped Teacher)

8/12 Elissa Bean (Reading Initiative)

8/18 Paula Duke (Reading Initiative)

8/22 Amanda DeMarco (Grade 4)

8/23 Michelle Lambert-Williamson (IDA)

8/27 Nancy Conway (Attendance Secretary)

8/27 Hillary Reed (Grade 4)

Announcements and Important Information

  • Refer to the blue form for important close out dates and procedures!

  • On June 17th we will have our 5th grade clap out. At 2:00 K-4 teachers should take their students into the hallway and line up against the wall. At 2:03 the 5th graders will go down the stairwells by Mr. Thompson’s room and begin proceeding through the hallway!

  • A classroom check-out sheet is posted on the counter in the main workroom for staff to sign up for Kelly or Maureen to checkout your room or office. Please make an appointment for a time that you anticipate you will have your room fully completed for inspection; if your room is not completely ready at your appointed time, your name will be moved to another available time slot at a later part of the day.

  • FYI: During the summer (June 22-August 22) only the main office and media center will be air conditioned (7:00 AM - 3:30 PM). If the building is being rented by other groups, they can request air conditioning in those rooms. See Kelly or Maureen with any questions.