By: Sara Stanislawski


Who started Pinterest, the wonderful website and app, only three men, Ben Silberman, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciorra. These three men created the company Cold Brew Labs (who created Pinterest). The company's first big project was an app called Tote. Their second and most successful project was Pinterest. They created the Pinterest website with a grid layout which would later be very helpful to the company who hoped to turn their website into an app in the near distant future. The company first was created in California's Silicon Valley, but right after work on Pinterest started they moved to a home office in Des Monies, Iowa. Work on the project started in 2009 and was released to the public in March 2010. At an overall stand point Pinterest was a place created so people all over the world had a place to share their likes and collections with other collectors and people all over the world.


When Cold Brew Labs first started out not a lot of investors were interested into investing into this company at this point in time because the economy wasn't doing good then. During this time it was also only being based out of Silberman's in Silicon Valley. So it is pretty obvious to say that when Cold Brew Labs first started out it wasn't doing that great. Next Cold Brew Labs started their first project, Tote. Tote was an app for Iphone users, the goal for this app was to be a place where you could look up any existing product anywhere in the world. This proved to be a very difficult challenge because almost didn't have any investors. Also because of the task of finding out about every single product in the world. At the beginning of this app, creators of it thought it was a wonderful because nothing like it existed. After work on Tote stopped, work on Pinterest began.

At the beginning Pinterest didn't have any investors, but as soon as they got a couple they started getting more and more. This project almost ended up becoming as complicated at Tote, but at an overall glance Pinterest was definitely less challenging. Once work on the project was halfway done, the project had moved its head quarters to Silbermans home in Des Monies Iowa. Now Cold Brew Labs Pinterest has millions of users and a large and diverse group of employees. It is even one of the most popular 50 websites in the world. Now it can even be accessed through an app or website. Currently now it is better than it was first released because it is easier to use. For example, when you first sign up now it gives you examples of real pinners' pins, so you get an idea of where to start.


I think Pinterest definitely had an effect on society and/or pop culture because it showed people that something can be popular without it being like everything else. It also changed the industry and/or everyday life because now there are more people in the world who aren't afraid to try new things. Some evidence of this includes, it went in the complete opposite direction of all social media. Another piece of evidence is, now it is one of the most popular social media sites ever to be created. A final piece of evidence includes, it allows people to go to a place where they can show who they really are. Without Pinterest life definitely would be different because there wouldn't be as much interesting things and inspiration for people in the world.

Specific Person

The main person who started Pinterest was Ben Silberman. He started the company so everybody in the world would have a place to share their likes and collections with other people around the world to inspire them. Some interesting information on this man includes, he has worked at Facebook and Google. He also, started collecting things when he was just a child, he mostly just collected bugs, but also some other things. Another thing is, he started work on Pinterest only at the age of 27. Finally, to pursue his dreams he quit Med-School, even though everybody else in his family was a doctor.
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Top Pinners

Some of the most followed pinners on Pinterest include Hansol Kim, Maia McDonald, and Jane Wang (Silberman's own mom). The most popular pin topics on the site include home, arts and crafts, fashion/style, and art. Something all these pinners have in common is, one or more of their specialties are one of those topics. Therefore, they probably have the most followers because the majority of their pins are about topics a large amount of other pinners are also interested in.
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