Success in Sixth Grade

Volume 9, Issue 1

A Note from Mr. Nakano

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." - Frederick Douglass

"Accept what you cannot change. Change what you cannot accept." - Unknown

This has been a wonderful first few weeks with your children. They are collaborating well and using critically thinking skills to find solutions and innovative ideas. Look for this newsletter to be sent periodically to keep you up to date with our curriculum and important events.


We are well on our way in this year's Bring Your Own Device program. Remember, participation in the program is optional. The main goal is to provide better access to all of our students. If your child would like to participate, please remember to first turn in the Acceptable Use Policy distributed at Back to School Night. I have an electronic copy if needed.

Students are now part of their Google Classroom, have available technology choices for Daily 5, can do Digital Check-Ins, and can have greater participation in collaboration activities like Mystery Skype.

International Dot Day

Make Your Mark

International Dot Day is the celebration of the book, The Dot, by Peter Reynolds. It's the story of a student who hates to draw. But, when her teacher hangs up her painting of a single dot, it changes her outlook on what it means to be a great artist. It's a fun tale that ties in wonderfully with our growth mindset theme.

To celebrate, we will be Mystery Skyping with a 5th grade class somewhere else (we'll reveal the destination after the students figure it out). We'll discuss what it means to make our mark, or "dot," in the world. What are we doing to make it memorable?

Parent Communication

While your child is still the best communicator and anthropologist about what goes on during the school day, I wanted to offer you glimpses into our classroom to cure those "nothing" moments during conversations with your child.

Remind - this service is how you can receive quick reminders (about 1-2 a week). These may be test reminders, special day reminders, or no homework notifications. Important information will still be initially e-mailed first, without having to subscribe to this service.

If you have a smartphone with push notifications: (for just class announcements) (for reminders for all of 6th grade)

To receive text notifications:

Text @gobearscv to 81010 (for just class announcements)

Text @cv61617 to 81010 (for reminders for all of 6th grade)

Seesaw - We still haven't started this service yet, but this is how you will be able to view your child's online portfolio. This is helpful especially for group projects where all students can't take the same assignment home.

Calendar - Important dates will be updated here and on our Canvas page

Instagram - Our main feed of images and videos throughout the day. When we're not posting, we're enjoying ourselves too much wrapped up in the moment!

Facebook - a combination of our Instagram and Twitter feeds

Twitter - Starting this week, we'll be tweeting our daily end-of-the day tweets and mnemonic devices.

Language Arts

Maniac Magee

Our language arts sessions have been spent introducing or reintroducing Daily 5 and CAFE to the students. There are some new choices available to them and they have been working well in each of the rotations.

Our first novel unit started this week, although we won't be delving into the actual book until next week. It is Maniac Magee, written by Jerry Spinelli. We have plenty of copies for the students to use. However, some students prefer to write in or have their own copy. If that is their preference, they are more than welcome to purchase their own copy.

However, while you're at the bookstore, we are also reading Pax, by Sara Pennypacker as part of the Global Read Aloud next month. We'll talk about it more later, but the Global Read Aloud is a month long event where students around the globe read the same book. It is a read aloud, so there's no need to purchase the book, but once again, some students prefer to have their own copy to follow along.

Teach Documentary: Second Interview with Lindsay Chinn


Math 360

The above video introduces you to Math 360, which we will be starting this week.

Our current unit focuses on decimals and fractions - adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and everything in between. We'll notify you when a test is upcoming.

Math Lessons - Decimals: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing

Dates of Notes

Thursday, 9/15 - Picture Day

International Dot Day

Friday, 9/16 - Constitution Day

9/19 - International Talk Like a Pirate Day

9/20 - Math Decimals Quiz

10/3-10/7 - Student Parent Teacher Conference Week

10/4 - Non-Student Day

10/3, 10/6 and 10/7 - Minimum Days

Every Thursday morning at 7:30 am - 100 Mile Club Fun Run