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Travis High School Faculty Newsletter - December 10, 2018


Monday, December 10

Grade Changes must be submitted by 10:00 AM

Holiday Spirit Day: Holiday Head Gear!!!

Begin updating Student Conference Forms and logging parent contact for students in danger of failing T2 or S1 in your class. S1 Failures must also be communicated with Counselors.

Don't forget about Positive Office Referrals!!! Use these to recognize students doing the RIGHT thing!

Tuesday, December 11

Holiday Spirit Day: Holiday Socks!!!

TIGER TUESDAYS: "Cheer" on the Tigers - Holiday Cheer Footwear!!

Reviews Distributed to ALL Students - Every Class Period

Boys Basketball: v Dawson@THS 4:00, 5:30, 7:00

Girls Basketball: @ Kempner 4:00, 5:30, 7:00

Wednesday, December 12

Holiday Spirit Day: Warm up Wednesday!!

College Wear Wednesday

FBISD Attendance Boundary Information Meeting 7:00 Auditorium

Thursday, December 13

Holiday Spirit Day: Favorite Holiday Character!!

Senior Assembly - Advisory - will dismiss last 5 minutes of 3rd period

Orchestra Winter Concert - 6:00 PM

Swim: Varsity Meet at Foster 6:00 PM

Friday, December 14

Holiday Spirit Day: Holiday Neckwear!!

Fridays We Wear RED....Don't forget to give points to your Advisory!

Holiday Teacher Luncheon provided by PTO

Girls Basketball: v Bush @THS 4:00, 5:30, 7:00

Boys Basketball: @ Hopson v George Ranch 4:00, 5:30, 7:00

A BIG THANK YOU to Coach Hernandez, Mrs. Kennedy, and Coach Hitt for your diligence on duty every morning and keeping us safe in the commons before school! We APPRECIATE you!!


Copies of the memo with instructions for completing the Bag Lunch Meal Order Form have been placed on the counter in the mailroom (See Attachment). Please read the attached memo in its entirety as some of you may not need to complete the form if you do not have students opting to purchase/receive a sack lunch on Thursday (7th Pd.) and Friday (4th Pd.), December 20 & 21, 2018 or you may not have a 4th/7th period class. In addition, there are not enough forms to place forms in each teachers mailbox, so the forms have been placed on the counter in the mailroom along with copies of the noted memo for you to pick up as needed (you will only need on form for each noted day if you have a 4th or 7th period class). We also have some of the forms and copies of the memo in our office if we run out of forms in the mailroom (Suite F114).

NOTE: You will either turn in the completed form(s) for your 4th and/or 7th period class if you do have students ordering a bag lunch on Monday, December 17, 2018 or turn in the completed memo to my mailbox in the mailroom or to my office (Suite F114) by 3:00 PM if you do not have students ordering a bag lunch on Monday, December 17, 2018.

Begin asking your 4th and/or 7th period students now so that you can be prompt in submitting the required bag lunch document(s) on December 17, 2018.

Thanking you in advance for your time and assistance concerning this matter,

P.S. An example of a completed Bag Lunch Meal Order Form is attached to assist you in completing the form correctly (if the form is for Friday, the date will be 12/21/2018 and the lunch period will be 4th).

Can a student take an exam early?

This has been a common question this week from our students. District policy does not allow students to take semester exams early. We will have semester exam make up days by department in January when we return. Be sure students are aware that they will have a 0 recorded as their exam grade but that the grade change will be made once they make up the test.

End of Semester Grading/Info/Guidelines

A full explanation of end of semester information will be sent on Monday. Things to be working on now:

-Clear all blank grades and INC from T1

-Be sure accommodation logs are up to date!

-Be sure you have signed off on all 504 documentation!

Textbook Collection/Distribution Information

Please help us help you and your students. The information enclosed in this email is time sensitive and is shareable with your students. Fall one-semester textbook collection begins on Tues., 12/11!

For those students that are taking AP classes, please note that they may return their textbooks (and workbooks if applicable) immediately after they finish their exams.


Its encouraged that students enrolled in one-semester courses return their textbooks to the Upstairs AP Suite P209 by 12PM on December 21st. One-semester courses include Health, Government, Economics, Psychology, Human Geography, Sociology and Professional Communication. It is very important that your student returns their textbook on time as we need to have enough textbooks to distribute to the students enrolled in the course during the spring semester.

Listed below is the timeline for one semester courses:

· Beginning December 11th students enrolled in one-semester courses can return their textbooks to the Upstairs AP Suite P209 before/after school or during their final exam. ALL one-semester courses textbooks must be returned by 12PM on December 21st to avoid late fees.

· January 8th – Second Semester begins, please do not submit new textbook request before this date.

· January 10th – AP class distribution of one-semester textbooks will begin to be scheduled.

· Students who have dropped a course should have already returned their textbook to the Upstairs AP Suite (Room P209). If you have not done so, please do to avoid late fees.

· Students who have lost a textbook should see Mrs. Fagan/Mrs. Vargas in the Upstairs AP Suite P209.

End of Semester Procedures/Information

The countdown is on for sure – and I am not even sure how this first semester has flown by so quickly! I know that we are all looking forward to a little break to relax and spend time with our family and friends! However, as you are all aware – the next 10 days require a great deal of focus and a lengthy “to-do” list sprinkled with the right amount of holiday celebration!

Please save this email as a reference tool for the remainder of the semester. I will also include this information in the newsletter.

Grade Posting Schedule:

End of Term 2 is Friday. December 21st. Click Here for Exam Schedule.

The Assignment Date range must be within the grading period date range 10/22/18 – 12/21/18. If you create an assignment after 12/21 it will apply to PR5 (Progress Report 5) grading period.

Grades for the Exam, T1, T2, and S1 must be finalized and entered into Skyward before you leave each day as indicated below:

Tuesday, December 18th: All 6th period grades entered before you leave

Wednesday, December 19th: All 1st and 3rd period grades entered before you leave

Thursday, December 20th: All 5th and 7th period grades entered before you leave

Friday, December 21st: All 2nd and 4th period grades entered before 3:00 PM

If the student is absent on exam day, enter a zero. Do NOT leave blank. This is only the case for semester exams – other assignments/tests that a student misses due to absence should not be recorded as a 0.

Grade books will be open until 10:00 AM on Monday, January 7th. You will need to complete an electronic grade change form in Skyward for any changes made after 10:00 AM on January 7th.

As part of grade check out on December 21st, you will be required to turn in printed gradebook spreadsheets for all classes. You do not need to print the gradebook with individual class assignments – you only need to show T1, T2, SE1, and S1 –no PR grades are needed. Please review your spreadsheet before going to check out to ensure you have no blank grades or INC for any of these columns.

Ms. Olivacce will run the daily blank grade report for after the first day of exams to give you an opportunity each day to know if there is an issue with any of your grades/students in those periods. Please print those spreadsheets daily as well – the queue on Friday will be long if everyone waits to print grades until after noon on Friday. Please print spreadsheets daily by period. If you need to utilize an INC for an extenuating circumstance in T1 or T2, please get approval from the student’s grade level AP to avoid any grade checkout issues.

Reminder: If you have a new student in your class, please do not forget to transfer their grade from the previous teacher using the “NEW” button.

Additional Reminders:

- Be sure you have thoroughly read through and understand ALL exam procedures. Click Here for Exam procedures.

- Make arrangements for all students needing special accommodations during exams with appropriate personnel in advance.

- It is tempting to allow your “movers and shakers” to take a few extra visits outside of the classroom this time of year as they are all “moving and shaking” more than usual, however it is very important that you keep all students inside the classroom and engaged in meaningful activities to prepare them for their semester exams.

- Students with Off Campus periods are not required to report anywhere during those exam periods. Students with Office Aide or O-lab in their schedule must report during exam times.

- Answers to all exam reviews MUST be posted or made available to students prior to the exam to ensure they have accurate answers to study from.

- NO students are allowed to take exams early – exam make ups will be held January 9-17.

- Accommodation and Modification logs must be turned in for Fall Semester/2nd 9 weeks. Special Education logs will be submitted to Mrs. Cervantes or Mrs. Clark and 504 logs will be submitted to the counseling office. Scanned and emailed is the preferable method, but they will take hard copies as well.

- Be sure you are continuing to make parent contact with the parents of all students that are failing or in danger of failing your course for the 9 weeks or semester. Keep a log of all parent contact. A report card in January should not be when the parent finds out that their student failed T2 or S1. Please remember that the T2 grade is what determines a student’s UIL eligibility and the S1 grade is what determines if they receive credit in your course. Both of these are important.

- Teachers of SEMESTER courses – you need to notify the student’s parents AND counselor of any student failure. This is IMPERATIVE for SENIORS as it has direct graduation implications. Again, please document all of this contact.

- All teachers with class sets will be required to complete an End of Semester Textbook Check. Look for instructions to come via email from Mrs. Pugh/Ms. Vargas.

- Please be diligent in your duties over the next week – between classes in the hallway, at the tardy stations, before/after school – we need all eyes and ears on deck to ensure a smooth finish to the semester!

- Monday 12/17 will be the last day to run tardy stations for this semester. For exam days, please assist us in sweeping halls and getting kids to class if you typically were on tardy station duty that period.

- We will run a structured dismissal on both of our early release days to assist in clearing the building. Please remember that NO students stay on those days. All teachers are expected to assist with dismissal both days.

- Reminder to get lunch counts for the early dismissal days (7th period on 12/20 and 4th period on 12/21) – Ms. Bonner will place forms in copy room on the counter near the mailboxes tomorrow and email instructions. Lunch forms are due THIS Friday 12/14.

- We welcome anyone that is interested or available to join us at the lunches in any of the coming days – particularly next week. As we near finals, the excitement builds – and we can always use extra eyes and ears!

- Thank you for your attendance over the next 10 days – as you know, there is no replacement for YOU! J

- There will be a brief semester checkout that will be given out next week that must be completed before you leave campus on Friday. All of the items on the check-out form are listed in this email so there will be no surprises!

- Students should be engaged in instruction daily until the break. There are no parties allowed and students should not be asked to bring food for the exam day.

- If you have questions, ask! We are here to help! J

Thank you for all that you do! You truly are appreciated! And – don’t forget about Friday’s PTO Luncheon! J

Reminders for ALL Staffulty from Mrs. Diaz

I would like to reiterate our expectations regarding classroom management as we have had a few things happen this week that could have and should have been avoided if we are all following procedures.

1. When students leave your room they should always have a pass. Students should not be allowed to leave class to wander the building.

2. If students have off periods – they are NOT allowed to stay on campus. They know the expectations given to them at the beginning of the year and they are to follow them. If there is a request to stay for some reason – that request must be approved in the senior office – by Mr. Bassett or Mrs. Herring.

3. If a student is not on your roll – they should not be in your class.

4. Advisory is included in truancy reporting. If you have a student who is not showing up for you advisory – please let your grade level principal know. No one should be keeping kids through advisory. Again, see #3.

Thank you for following all expected procedures. These are not suggestions J

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Bring a new, unwrapped toy to the front office for Toys for Tots and wear jeans from now until December 21st!

Support the Golf Team by Ordering from their Team Store - Deadline 12/20

12 Days of Holiday Spirit 2018

*These days are for fun for all of you! We will also have treats! But - these holiday spirit days are not eligible for Tiger Pride Points!

12/6 - Holiday Shirt

12/7 – Flannel Friday

12/10 – Holiday headgear (hat, antlers, glasses, headbands, etc.)

12/11 – Holiday socks

12/12 – Warm up Wednesday

12/13 – Favorite Holiday Character

12/14 – Holiday neckwear (tie, scarf, necklace, etc.)

12/17 – Holiday pajamas

12/18 – Wear blue and silver/white

12/19 – Warm up Wednesday

12/20 – Ugly sweater

12/21 – Wear Red and Green

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A Few Reminders....

There should be NO passes during Advisory! Be mindful of the 10/10 rule in ALL classes. Be aware of students that ask for passes out of class often - this should not be allowed. We have TOO MANY students in the halls - especially during the afternoon classes. We appreciate you keeping them fully engaged in the classroom!

All teachers should be visible during the passing periods at their door! We appreciate your attention to this as it makes a significant difference in our hallways!

Everyone must let their supervising administrator know when you leave campus for ANY reason during the day. You may do so via text, email, or phone - but you must let them know!

Thank YOU!

Student Teacher Conference Form

This form is required to be completed by all teachers for each student that failed T1.

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The Positive Office Referral should be used when a teacher wishes to reward a student for something academic or behavioral. This differs from the ROAR award in that Positive Office referrals can be issued at any time and for any positive behavior worthy of reward. The ROAR award is for students working hard over a period of time and producing academic results. To submit a Positive Office Referral, CLICK HERE. Students that receive a POR will be called in by an administrator and will also be awarded 25 Tiger Pride points!
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Information from FBISD on Fundraisers

Outside fund generators (such as "Go Fund Me") are not allowed, per district policy. Please use RevTrack instead - for assistance with setting this up, please see Ms. Mejia. We are also not allowed to do any type of Bingo fundraisers - these are considered a form of gambling and require temporary licenses.

Professional Growth Opportunity through Peer Observation!

As discussed at the faculty meeting, we are rolling out opportunities to observe other teachers to see the many amazing things we have going on at Travis High School!! Use the links below to request to observe another teacher and/or let us know you are willing and able to be observed!

To have your name added to the Tiger Board (volunteering to allow others into your classroom), please use this link or add your name to the Tiger Board in the front office behind the mailboxes: https://goo.gl/forms/7jK0Im7OS0bvqDSD2

If you or your PLC would like to observe classrooms, please use this request link: https://goo.gl/forms/qLZNDRfCTr4w4vOq2

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December 18-21

Semester Exams

December 20-21

Early Release for Students

December 24 - January 4

Winter Break

January 7

Student Holiday/Professional Development Day

January 8

First Day of Second Semester

January 21

Holiday - MLK Day


Check out Advisory Courses in Schoology!

9th grade Access Code: 9RPJK-MPNR7

10th grade Access Code: MTPC8-VJHXW

11th grade Access Code: 6P8DB-Q3QXP

12th grade Access Code: VWF3J-W62C3

Weekly Advisory Lesson Plans are located in the 2nd 9 weeks folder of your appropriate Schoology Course under the appropriate dated week. You MUST log in and JOIN the correct Schoology course to access the videos and materials for this week's lessons.

REMINDER! Power Points should be downloaded to computer from Schoology to view embedded videos and hear the voice overs!

Fridays We Wear RED - Tiger Pride Points Link


Our campus IT is Joshua Martin and his office is in the library! Please remember to put in a CRM ticket instead of emailing him when you have a request. If he spends his time putting in your tickets, he loses time to work on the tickets! Click Here for instructions. THANK YOU!

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