The Walking Dead

Comparing My Book To Greek Mythology

The Walking Dead

In the Walking Dead the main character "Rick Grimes" was a police officer before he got shot and slipped into a coma for a month. When rick was in a coma was when the zombie apocalypse started. When he woke up he discovered what was going on, and went out to find is family in the city of Atlanta.

protagonist and antagonist

The pro tagonist in the story is Rick Grimes because he is trying to protect his family and friends from the zombies.

Some conections between The Walking Dead and greek mythology, is that the main character in the walking dead has to go on a quest to find his family like in most greek myths.

Another connection to my book and Greek mythology is the main character has to over come a difficult obstacle on his quest to find what he is looking for

what I think

I recommend this book to most people that like action stories and stories about survival. This is my favorite book to read because it is easy to follow along and it never gets boring.