Tech Savvy Bobcats

January-June 2016

Click the link below each challenge to get started!

Challenge yourself to become better with technology in the classroom during the new year!

Over the next few months you can earn technology staff development credit at your own pace. Badges will be earned after you complete a technology challenge which will be linked below. Once you have finished the challenge, turn in your evidence to Mrs. Treadway or Mrs. Tobin for a badge on your iPad.

How do you earn credit?

  • Choose which badge you want to complete, when you have time to to do so. Feel free to do all of the challenges, skip around and do just a few, or do only enough for your renewal credits.
  • Earn .1 credit hours for every badge completed (certified staff only need .7 every renewal).
  • If you get stuck on a challenge, drop by the media center on "Tech Tuesdays." Every Tuesday until 3:30 p.m. someone will be there to assist you with any technology issues or the challenge that you are working on.
  • Don't forget to turn in your evidence after completing each challenge to get credit and a new badge on your iPad for all to see how tech savvy you are!

We are open to suggestions! If there are any technology related topics you would like to see as a challenge please let us know!

BCMC Tech Staff

Danielle Treadway, Media Coordinator

Wanda Grayson, Media Assistant/ETS

Sue Tobin, ITF