By Mahalekshmi C. Kasiviswanathan


Academic smart goal


By the end of the academic career, I want to be able to get 95% in all science and mathematics courses.


I am planning to take all science and mathematics courses throughout the academic career. I’ll ask my science and math teachers for mark updates on my assignments, tests and experiments once every month. This will help me track my performance in the classes and what I will need to improve on, in order to not repeat my mistakes. However, if my teachers are not able to provide with mark updates then I will go over my mistakes after I get each one of my assignments or tests and if I have any doubts I will ask my teachers or one of the science/math department teachers for extra help. Through additional help, I will start understanding my strengths and weaknesses which will aide me to work hard on concepts that I am doing poorly at.


I will use a reminder application in my iPod (which I always carry with me) to set up important dates to ask my teachers for feedback and mark updates. Moreover, I will use an application called “track my goal” so that I can insert my grades for both assignments and tests so that I can keep a record of my performance. One of my strengths is that I am a very organized person and have little time-management issues. Hence, I will remember to set my reminders and constantly update my grades each time I get an assignment or a test back. On the other hand, I get distracted very easily on social media which might make me concentrate less on my studies and will make me repeat my past mistakes on my future assignments or tests. To avoid this, I will turn off my iPod and keep it in a separate room when I am trying to focus on my past mistakes.


I am apparently getting 95% in science and got 96% in mathematics in first semester. Therefore, I think my goal is achievable if I start working on my flaws and constantly ask my teachers for learning tips. It is necessary for me to get 95% specifically in science and mathematics because these are the courses needed for the field I am planning to get into. I want to become a doctor of some sort and in order to get into a university of my choice such as McGill, I at least need to have got 90% in my science and math courses. Therefore, if I don’t start working hard towards my goal throughout the academic year then I will struggle to get good grades in grade 12 and might not even be able to get into a good university.


I plan to get all E’s in all of my report cards for science and mathematics courses. If I get a ‘G’ or a ‘S’ then I will ask my teacher what I did wrong on that specific learning skills category and if they are not able to provide me with a satisfactory answer then I’ll research more about that specific category and apply the learning tips I receive to my assignments and tests. Moreover, I will spend at least spend half an hour on each of the science and math courses by revising the materials we learned in class and doing my homework for each class. Additionally, I will aim for above 90% or increase my average by 1% after every assignment and tests to make sure that I am improving on my mistakes and focusing on meeting my goal. Finally, I will get homework help from peer tutors if I am repeating a mistake constantly on a particular topic and feel like my teachers are not doing a good job in helping me.

Volunteering smart goal


By the time I graduate high school, I want to be able to complete 200 volunteer hours, mainly in a hospital or a medical clinic.


In order to do my volunteer hours, I need to first figure out which organizations are hosting volunteering events for teenagers and get information about the event to make sure that it can be counted as a legible community involvement activity. To measure my progress, I will use the volunteering tracking application in ‘My Blueprint’ to record the location, date and a number of volunteer hours each time I do a volunteer activity. In addition to that, I will use a reminder application in my iPod to send me notification once every week to remind me to check whether any volunteer events are posted in the important volunteering organizations.


I will spend 10 hours every month in volunteering. Firstly, I could volunteer at a temple because I have already volunteered there in summer and know people who will allow me to do it again. Hence, I could go there during the weekend and probably get 5 hours each day. Secondly, I could volunteer in an organization called volunteer peel where volunteering events are posted regularly which are usually held during weekend and it usually ranges from 5 to 7 hours per day. I could volunteer at this organization during the summer vacation because I wouldn’t have any homework to do, so I don’t have to worry about volunteering for too long. Finally, I can also volunteer in Brampton Civic Hospital during summer vacation because they have a one-month volunteer plan where you volunteer for 4 hours every day by helping them arrange medicines in the correct location.


I have already completed roughly about 130 volunteer hours. Hence, I think that it is possible for me to complete 70 more hours in the upcoming 2 years if I constantly look for volunteer opportunities and acquire a positive attitude to do volunteering. Moreover, it is very important for me to complete at least 200 volunteer hours because most universities look for community or hands-on experience when considering a student for their university. Hence, if I get hands-on experience in a medical clinic, it would be beneficial to put on my resume and to get to learn the real life scenario for a few days.


I am going to get a resume reference from the guidance to check how many volunteer hours I have completed in total. Then, I’ll keep tracking my volunteer hours using the volunteer hours tracking application every two months to check how far away I am from my final goal. For the summers of grade 11 and 12, I plan in doing at least 15 hours each every month, mostly in a medical clinic. I will ask my mom’s friend who is a doctor at Brampton Civic Hospital to help me get selected in the summer volunteer plan so I can get hands-on work experience and volunteer hours at the same time. Finally, if I see that I am not getting at least 10 volunteer hours finished per month due to school work or emergencies, then I will do extra hours in the following months.

Transition and change video

Virtual resume: Transition and change

Future Resume

Mahalekshmi C. Kasi Viswanathan


With dedication, problem-solving skills and work experience with patients, I am looking for a position of family physician in an institution that provides opportunities for career growth and an environment for learning.


McGill University------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doctor of Medicine

Montreal, Quebec ----------------------------------------------------------------- September 2025 - June 2029

McGill University-------------------------------------------------Masters of Science in Health Science

Montreal, Quebec ------------------------------------------------------------------September 2022 – June 2025

McGill University -----------------------------------------------Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Montreal, Quebec-------------------------------------------------------------------September 2018 - June 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School----------------------------Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Brampton, Ontario-----------------------------------------------------------------September 2014 - June 2018


Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network-----------------Senior family physician

Toronto, Ontario------------------------------------------------------------------------------August 2032 - present

  • Diagnosed illnesses or diseases of patients
  • Provided patients with treatment for their diseases, disorders, and injuries
  • Attended weekly meetings
  • Took patient histories
  • Performed follow-up examinations
  • Built a strong relationship with my patients over time
  • Collaborated with other health care professionals

Centre Wellington ------------------------------------------------------------------Junior Family physician

Montreal, Quebec------------------------------------------------------------------------------July 2031 – July 2032

  • Diagnosed illnesses or diseases of patients
  • Provided patients with treatment for their diseases, disorders, and injuries
  • Attended weekly meetings
  • Got trained by senior family physicians once week

McGill University residency school-----------------------------Training to be a family physician

Montreal, Quebec-------------------------------------------------------------------September 2029 - June 2031

  • Studied patient's symptoms
  • Came up with medical treatments according to patient's symptoms
  • Developed a deeper knowledge about the profession from senior physicians

Pathmark Locum Service Inc. ---------------------------------------------Temporary sales assistant

Toronto, Ontario------------------------------------------------------------------October 2019 – February 2022

  • Developed communication skills while interacting with people
  • Built knowledge of social media and marketing


Brampton, Ontario--------------------------------------------------------------------August 2016 - August 2018

  • Scanned items and ringed up sales of computerized cash registers
  • Scanned coupons and applied discounts
  • Answered customer's questions about merchandise, store policies, and ongoing promotion


STEM Olympics

February 2016 - April 2016

  • Got STEM Olympics participation certificate

Eco Club

September 2015 - November 2015

  • Helped teachers do recycling

Dance Club

September 2014 - December 2015

  • Won second prize in the dance competition held at North Park Secondary School


September 2015 - November 2015

  • Prepared for DECA competition by practicing case studies
  • Participated in local level DECA competition

Trivia Club

November 2015 - June 2018

  • Gained academic knowledge and participated in two trivia competitions

Math League

October 2015 - June 2018

  • Wrote numerous math contests

Volunteer Experience

Royal Columbian Hospital----------------------------------------------------------------------Clinical work

Montreal, Quebec-----------------------------------------------------------------------June 2023 - June 2026

  • Did clinical paperwork
  • Interacted with doctors and nurses about patient's condition
  • Arranged medicines in the appropriate spot

Brampton Civic Hospital----------------------------------------------------------------Clinical Experience

Brampton, Ontario-------------------------------------------------------------July 2017 - September 2018

  • Completed clinical paperwork

Martin Singh Campaign-----------------------------------------------------------------Election Campaign

Brampton, Ontario------------------------------------------------------------June 2015 - September 2015

  • Canvassed (talked in Hindi with people who didn't understand English)
  • Telephoned people to ask whether they have voted or not
  • Did paperwork

Volunteering Peel-----------------------------Marathon events and environment related events

Brampton, Ontario------------------------------------------------------------------------July 2014 - July 2015

  • Motivated runners to run and handed snacks to them
  • Event set up
  • Tree planting

Brampton Library-----------------------------------------------------------------------Teen Library Council

Brampton, Ontario------------------------------------------------------------September 2014 - June 2015

  • Advised the Library on teen issues and concerns
  • Helped the Library fulfill teens' needs and interests

Skills and Abilities

  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere
  • Fluent in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Malayalam
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft word, power point and excel
  • Ability to treat patients with care and enthusiasm
  • Reasoning skills
  • Ability to problem solve


Promoted as a senior family physician from junior family physician in one year after residency program

September 2031

Distinction in master of science of Health Science

September 2026

Distinction in bachelor of science of Health Science

September 2022

Renaissance award

September 2018

Honour Roll throughout high school

September 2018


Doctor of Medicine

June 2028

Master of Science

June 2026

Bachelor of Science

June 2022


June 2016

Canadian Medical Council & Medical Board Certificate of Registration

June 2028

Hobbies and Interests

  • Drawing
  • Swimming
  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Playing badminton


Challenges and Solutions

1st Challenge

As a family physician, I have to work long shifts usually up to fifty hours per week (The Process of Becoming a Doctor). This limits the quality time I get to spend with my family or even to acquire some personal time to figure things out. When I come back from work, I usually have chores to complete at home especially since I am a woman. I have to take care of my children and make food for my family because I can’t just serve them fast food every single day. Moreover, I have to feed my children, entertain them and put them to sleep since they are too young. Another problem with working long shifts is that I’ll generally become sleep deprived due to few hours of sleep which is not good for my health. This is because sleep is one of the essential factors that people require in order to maintain an active life. If I don’t get enough sleep then I will create medical errors, develop bad memory about my patient’s medical history and lose concentration during my work. Also, to help me stay awake I consume coffee and other caffeinated drinks every single day which can cause arthritis, osteoporosis or other health risking conditions. A solution for this huge challenge is to pick a work location that will offer me a flexible work schedule so that I can manage my family matters and work according to my availability. Additionally, it will be best for me to plan my days out in a diary every week so that I know how many hours I am going to work and according to that I can adjust my personal and family related activities. Besides, this way I can spend more quality time with my loved ones, concentrate more at the workplace and develop a healthier life.

2nd Challenge

Another challenge that I face on a daily basis is mental tension and stress. This is because patient’s lives are always in my hands and if something distraught happens to them then I always have the fear that either their loved ones would blame me or I will feel guilty and end up blaming myself for the patient’s problem. Furthermore, people with sickness or injuries are most likely to come to me first because a family physician identifies their condition, sends them to a specialist and provides a medical treatment according to the diagnostic result. Hence, if anything goes wrong during this medical process then I’ll be blamed for it. The reasons include not analyzing the symptoms properly, sending the person to a wrong specialist or giving them an ineffective medical treatment plan. As a solution, I have to make sure I double check or be thorough with each and every treatment process I recommend to the patient so that I cause minimal or no harm to the patient’s condition. Moreover, if I am unable to treat a patient’s condition then I will need to have faith in myself and acknowledge that I did the best I could otherwise their illness would have been way worse. In addition to that, I should be proud of the fact that I have saved a lot of people’s lives or at least tried to minimize the negative effects of their illness. Finally, in order to mentally be stable and reduce my tension, I should engage in stress reduction activities in my leisure time such as yoga, meditation, jogging, reading or being involved in a creative activity (art, painting, drawing, sketching, playing an instrument etc.).

3rd Challenge

Aside from clinical work, I also have to carry out administrative work of my patients every day at work (The Disadvantages of Being a Family Practitioner). In a recent article by Jauhar, he stated that on average family physicians do patient’s paperwork one-fifth of their day at work. The problem with this is that it limits me from having a face to face conversation or receiving enough time to spend with my patients (Jauhar). Additionally, I start getting bored of my job if I am occupied with patient’s paperwork for a significant portion during my shift rather than diagnosing them. The main solution for this challenge is to limit the number of patients I see per day so that I have a sufficient amount of time to discuss conditions with my patients and hear out of their concerns. Likewise, I’ll develop a stronger connection or bond with the limited number of patients I treat as I will have more time to focus and get to know each of them. Moreover, I can complete patient related forms while I am communicating with them such as recording or taking notes of their concerns, sending letter regarding their condition to a specialist etc. Besides, this way I will be able to precisely record their condition which will help me develop a better understanding and will also limit my paperwork to finish later in the day. The last solution I can execute is to encourage more family physicians to sign a petition that requires the prime minister of Canada to pass a law that demands all medical institutions to limit the number of patient appointments that are designated with each family physician per day expect if the family physician is running their own practice.