Hawk Nation Weekly Newsletter

October 11th, 2021

Important Dates:

October 11th

  • Teacher Planning Day

October 12th

  • PMA Testing
  • 2nd 9weeks Begins
  • Musical Rehearsal 4:30-6:00 pm

October 13th

  • PMA Testing
  • 8th Grade PSAT Testing
  • Science Fair Club 8:00 am-9:00 am

October 14th

  • Chess Club Meeting
  • FCA Meeting
  • TSA Club Meeting
  • Chorus Officers Meeting

October 16th

  • Campus Cleanup 8:00am-10:00 am

October 19th

  • Student Flu Shots

October 22nd

  • School Activities Fair

October 25 & 26th

  • Yearbook pictures
  • Chorus Concert

October 29th

  • Fall Band Concert

Parent Reminders:

Planning Day October 11th

Due to the teacher planning day on October 11th, students will not have school. Enjoy your day off Hawk Nation!

Dr. Greene Warns Against Dangerous TikTok Challenges

Please see Dr. Greene's message regarding social media challenges that are occurring across Duval schools. The faculty will be showing the video clip of Dr. Greene's message during 1st period on Tuesday, October 12th. Please review this important message with your child.
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Free Flu Vaccines

The flu vaccine clinic will take place at Mandarin on October 19, 2021. Students were given a parent consent form on Friday for you to sign and return to school by Wednesday, October 13th. If you would like for your child to take advantage of this no cost flu vaccine opportunity, please sign and return the parent consent form by October 13th. Please see the consent form attached at the bottom of the newsletter. Students will need to turn the consent form at the front office.

Yearbook Pictures

Students will take their yearbook photos on October 25th and 26th. The pictures will be taken during their Gym and Health classes this year due to the auditorium being used for the upcoming musical. Students can order their pictures online.

MMS Operational Procedures:

Student IDs

Students should have their student IDs at all times. The admin team is asking 1st period teachers to conduct an ID checks while students are greeted at the door. If students do not have an ID, students will be sent to student services before entering their classroom. When students report to student services, students will receive a temporary student ID. Students should have the temporary ID on their shirt not their pants. Please remind your students they should have their student ID on before they enter the building. Safety is our number one priority at Hawk Nation.

Student ID Policy:

*Students are allowed three free temporary IDs.

*Once the student has been given three temporary IDs, they will be charged $5.

*Students will receive their reprinted ID from their 1st period teacher.

Free Feminine Products

If our female students need feminine products during school hours, students can ask for free products in student services.

Cellphone Policy

If students are caught using their phones while walking in the hallways, playing on them in the cafeteria, or using them in class, cell phones will be confiscated . Please remind your students of the school wide expectation of no cell phones visible during school hours. If cell phones are confiscated, they will be placed in the Dean's office. Students are allowed to pick up their phone at the end of the school day.
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Hawk Nation

Teacher of the Month

Mr. Goodridge, Social Studies Teacher

"I am nominating him for these following reasons, because when we don't understand something he will tell us something that is relatable to it and will give a great description, plus we would work in group activities which will give us a great opportunity to collaboration. He tries to let us experience things(example) when we were learning about spices he let us smell some quirky but yet interesting spices. This is why Mr. Goodridge should be nominated as Teacher of the Month plus he taught us how to restate our question properly." ~Student Jimenez

"He keeps students engaged and his students love learning about History. He is passionate about his students and the subject area he teaches."~Ms. Lestrange, Parent

Testing Information:

PSAT 8/9

On October 13th, the PSAT (8/9) will be administered to our students. The PSAT is a great primer for the SAT and even the ACT, but it’s more than just a trial run. When students are in 11th grade, PSAT scores are used to identify National Merit Scholars and award merit scholarships. Click on PSAT 8/9 for more information.

MMS Athletics:

Athlete of the Week

Aubri Witt, Class of 2026

"Aubri is entering her 2nd year as a cheerleader at Mandarin Middle School. Aubri is a cheer captain on the 8th Grade Cheer Team. Aubri is a hard worker and self-motivated member of the team.

I can say with confidence that Aubri is a dedicated student-athlete who leads from example and will be an asset to any future team. Come watch Aubri Cheer on the Hawks at this Week's game." ~ Coach Gaffney

Football and Volleyball Schedule

October 13th

Volleyball vs. Southside at 5:30 pm

October 18th

Volleyball vs. Darnell Cookman/Twin Lakes at 5:30 pm

October 19th

Football at Landon 5:30 pm

Last Week's Important Announcements

Colder Weather

Since the weather will be changing soon, we are expecting students to start trying to wear hats and hoodies on campus. Please encourage your student not to wear a hoodie over their heads.

Admin and security are working very hard to confiscate those items when students are wearing them on campus. Thank you for supporting MMS policies in order for us to have a safe campus.

Requesting Parent Conferences

If you would like to set up a parent conference with a teacher, please reach out to Ms. Dukes who works in our School Counseling Office.

Ms. Dukes


Grade Level Administrators

Each grade level is assigned an administrator. If you have concerns or questions, please reach out to the appropriate administrator.

6th Grade: Mr. Wright

7th Grade: Ms. Bailey

8th Grade Girls: Ms. Bailey

8th Grade Boys: Mr. Wright

Mr. Wright


Ms. Bailey


DCPS School Calendar

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