Water Wells

Water Scarcity Solution

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What is a Water Well?

A Water Well is a deep hole into the ground usually surrounded by concrete or bricks. They mostly go to about 100-750 feet deep, but can reach up to 1,000 feet deep.

Once a year or more depending on how often the well is used they must be dug an extra few feet deeper to reach more underground water.

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How Are the Wells Effective?

In an area with drought, underground water could probably be a village or small single homes closet water source. A water Well helps the people living in the areas it is needed, to access the Water Source dow below by creating a channel straight down into the earth to the water. Enabling those people who need the water underground to collect it with buckets, jugs and whatever they use to receive and carry the water with.

Where are they used?

Most of these wells are made in 3rd world countries in drought or have to go long ways to fetch the water needed to survive.

For Example: Sub saharan Africa and Some parts of India, even Brazil.

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