Industrial Revolution

Cailyn Cox

What was the Industrial Revolution?

This time was very harsh majority of the products used today turned out to by the process of mass production and people. Working assembly lines using power driven machines, the people also had to spend long harsh and evil hours working during the industrial Revolution.

What were the working conditions during the Industrial Revolution?

What were the conditions of the factory?

Working in the factory was very harsh and defiantly tiring. The people who in the coal factory often didn't make it out. The reason for this is because when they went in the day before or when ever the went in they used a dynamite to loosen the rock, so the can mine the coal.

Child Labor in the Industrial Revolution

Child Labor is when kids work in factories. The working conditions were very harsh. The kids sometimes had to go in a coal mine to set the dynamite. They didn't always get out in time before it exploded. Also, the kids had to crawl under the machines the issue with this was that the people who owned the factory wouldn't let the turn the machines off because it would waste time. So, the kids had to get under the machines to clean them often times the kids would come back with no fingers, hands, legs, toes, and sometimes they'll even get caught in the machines. Child Labor was terrible.
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