JFK Assasination

by: Travis Romine

The Assassination

JFK was supposedly assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. There are many holes in this theory. For example, Oswald had no gun powder residue in his body. There are witnesses who report a completely different man in the window from which the gun was fired. On top of that Oswald was not even a marksman.

Perspective #1

In the official statement of the warren report one single bullet hit the president and Governor John Connolly. this theory was thought so outlandish that it was renamed the 'magic bullet theory.' the suggested theory is presumed to be false for many reasons. the main two reasons are that the rifle Oswald was presumed to use was unable to preform to the conditions. the other is a bullet whole found in the windshield of the presidents car. This the conspiracy theory of what happened.

Perspective #2

Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of the united states marine core. After be discharged he went to the USSR to become a citizen. He failed at that as well. Once he was back in the united states, Oswald received a handgun and rifle by mail order. He allegedly attempted an assassination on Edwin Walker, former army general. soon after he went to Cuba to join a pro-Castro organization. Oswald returned to Dallas and received a position at the Texas School Book Depository. This is where he shot and killed the president. This is the generic idea of what happened.
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Media Bias

The shroud surrounding this whole event is very prominent due to the missing or edited pieces of evidence that have been presented. There is no logical explanation that says Oswald was a lone shooter. Oswald was not the extreme marksman that was needed to pull of such a stunt as this. Then there is the fact that more than three shots that were fired. In conclusion Lee Harvey Oswald was a pawn in a much bigger game or he had an accomplice. Either way we are not getting the full story.
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Critique #1

There were multiple people that were interviewed. Though most of them said that Oswald was framed, the government completely ignored them and wrote a report nonetheless. All the evidence points in the opposite direction. nobody wants to listen to the little people though.

Critique #2

Many people question this cases authenticity. the media has slurred words and undervalued the first person accounts, even though logic points away from what the media reported.
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