Even though he is quiet he's dying to be heard

Illistrations of Alfred

Explination of the Illistrations

Throughout the entire novel there are references to Alfred being in a dress, which shows that the men in the acting Troup (which he most likely wasn't voluntarily in) belittled him. Alfred even passes away in the dress leaving a permanent image of a weak young boy who was never able to stand up for himself. Alfred dies of poison in the final act of the play, if Alfred would have stood up for himself earlier in the play or before he was introduced to the audience he could have saved himself a tragic and early death. Even though Alfred died young during his short life he was apart of a cruel and disturbing group of actors exposing himself to several harsh topics such as rape and being raped. This caused him to put a wall up and try to ignore or protect himself from the evil culture he was constantly surrounded by. While this harsh world was being created around him the fear of not doing what he was told was life or death to Alfred, in the novel he wouldn't say he just did. This show cases his fear of authority, the dark Sid of Alfred is quite unclear and a reader might want to hope he's just a poor boy who has a bad life while in other terms he could be enjoying it. As stated before Alfred wasn't much of a talker, he kept to himself which leads one to believe that he is small and fragile unable to stand for himself. As well as being small his lack of communication shows that he is not only small but being forced to be silent.