Farmington View Weekly Focus

May 2-6

Weekly Calendar

Monday, May 2

7:15-7:25 Teachers with Testing Responsibilities meet in the Conference Room

7:30-9:00 Roger @ Brown for Staff Meeting

8:30-10:15 Ms. Kosmas' class @ Jackson Bottom

9:00-10:00 Testing Students who need to finish ELA Performance Task (Marcia)

9:45-11:00 Roger @ Patterson to Observe 1st grade Finalist

11:00-11:45 Roger Skyping 1st grade Finalist

11:45-12:45 Roger @ Jackson to Observe 1st grade Finalist

11:34-1:30 Mrs. E. Harris' class to Jackson Bottom

1:00-1:30 STEM Meeting (Janet & Roger)

2:30-3:00 Staff Meeting (Classified may choose to stay to attend)

3:20-4:00 Roger @ Brown for Meeting

Tuesday, May 3

7:00-7:45 Roger @ AC for Meeting

8:00-12:00 Roger @ AC for K-12 Principal Leadership

8:30-11:15 Robin's class to Jackson Bottom

11:00-12:00 Staff Appreciation Luncheon put on by Booster Club

12:00-1:00 Roger @ AC for STEM Principal Meeting

1:00-2:00 Roger @ AC for Truancy Website Development Meeting

2:15-3:00 Action Meeting

Wednesday, May 4

7:15-7:45 Safety Committee Meeting (Susan, Janet, Reuter, and Roger)

8:45-11:00 Mallory's class to Jackson Bottom

12:00-4:00 Roger @ AC for Accelerated Math Meeting

12:50-1:30 PBIS Assembly

2:00-3:15 Teacher Directed Academic Seminar (Collaboration)

Thursday, May 5

7:30-3:30 Elementary Leadership Collaboration (Danielle, Kim, and Roger)

8:30-10:30 Heather's class to Jackson Bottom

3:30-4:30 Roger meets with Superintendent

2:05-4:00 Academic Club (Sara & Danielle)

Friday, May 6

8:00-9:30 Jennifer Johnson at FV to meet with Roger

8:45-10:45 Jill's class to Jackson Bottom

12:30-2:00 Boatbuilding 5th Grade

Nuts and Bolts

  • State Testing: I will meet with teachers on Monday who are testing this week and get a schedule out Monday morning.

  • My Schedule: This is one of those weeks where I'm out of the building quite a bit. TimiSue will be in charge when I'm out and Susan knows how to reach me.

  • Staff Appreciation: Our Boosters are providing a staff luncheon on Tuesday from 11:00-12:00. On Monday, I'll send out a detailed explanation on how this will work. I usually am out on the playground during this time but will be at K-12 Leadership and will need to have a few staff (15 minute intervals) cover the playground.

  • STEM Night: What a great success! Thank you to Tracey for leading the way and all of you for providing a students and parents a STEM experience. Lots of positive feedback from parents.

  • Spending Priorities: The voting is so close that the two licensed staff members who didn't vote need to on Monday.

  • Jackson Bottom: This is Jackson Bottom week. In the calendar above, I used the times from our google calendar. They should be accurate. Check with Susan if you have any concerns.

  • Staff Meeting: We will have a brief staff meeting at 2:30 on Monday. For classified staff, this is outside of your workday. You may attend voluntarily or if you haven't made up your hours from the snow day, you may use this time to make up an hour.

  • Custodial Hours: I was told on Friday that Farmington View is receiving two additional nighttime custodial hours. This means Alicia will have six hours a night to perform her work.

Shout Outs

  • STEM Night: Thank you to Tracey for leading STEM Night. It was really fun to see all the different activities in your classrooms. Also, the student experiments were the best I've seen in five years. Thank you for your effort!

  • Garden Party 2: A huge thanks to Janet for facilitating garden party 2. We had 21 students and parents working in the garden. It looks beautiful. Please enjoy! Also, I learned that if you plant one Kale plant, it can last years. Rachel has heard Kale plant for four years and it continues to produce.

  • Robin's students were so excited about the baby chick. During the day it died. Robin was masterful of making this a real learning experience. Students were able to hold the chick, show their emotions, and talk about how they were feeling. Later that day, they all went out together and buried the chick. She then emailed all the parents to let them know what had happened and what she did. Robin's actions of compassion with a timely response helped her students through this difficult time.

  • Karey's and Marcia's quick response to Manning falling on the playground allowed him to feel safe, knowing our staff were around him. Mr. Johnson was very thankful for our quick response and support of Manning. He might be back at school tomorrow.

Please substitute teacher for staff!

Taylor Mali: Miracle Workers

Have a Wonderful Week!