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Spanish III with Sra.Kincy

Dear parents,

Please help stress to your kids the importance of keeping up with the pace of the class.Time is winding down and there are a few students that are still working behind.The deadline to submit all Q4 coursework is May 13th (not May 17th as indicated before).


Friendly Reminders:

*Unless working ahead, every student must submit their work every week according to the schedule of assignments .

*At the end of each week, assignments will be graded with zeros if they are not completed. Keep in mind that this brings grade averages down.

*The last day to submit all coursework from Q4 is May 13th.

*The deadline to submit the final Spanish 3 project/exam is May 20th.

Assignments due week of April 27-May 1:

Week 34

**Unidad 8 - Required Live Class** - (during weeks 30-34)

· Lección 5

o _____ Lección (con actividades integradas para practicar)

o _____ Prueba de Vocabulario

o _____ Actividad Cultural

o _____ Proyecto Final

o _____ Proyecto Final: Leer y Escuchar

_____ U8/Final: Update your eLinguaFolio & Reflect