Mrs. Baker's Class

October 13, 2016

What is going on?

PBL: 2nd grade will be launching its first Project Based Learning unit this week. We will explore life in the early pioneer days of Round Rock, and discover specific historic landmarks that make Round Rock special. Our focus will be The Round Rock, The Chisholm Trail, Round Rock Donuts and Sam Bass & A.W. Grimes. Students will become experts on Round Rock’s history, which will enable them to answer our Driving Question: How can we educate the community about local Round Rock landmarks?Students will wrap up this unit of study with a special presentation on one specific landmark.

Please remember to bring in butter supplies before Monday- Thank you very much for making this so easy! I have the best parents! Big hug!

Writing: Writing and reading will be combining this week to research landmarks that are important in the Round Rock community. We will discuss what a “trusted source” is and how to “take notes” when researching. We will be using these notes to help with our PBL project in the weeks to come.

Spelling Words this week: along, coat, end, first, home, name, say, three


In Reader’s Workshop, we will be looking at strategies that help us to have strong comprehension. The focus will be working on making sense of new information with non-fiction text. We will be looking at author’s purpose for writing. This will all tie in with our research for Round Rock landmarks.

Math: This week we will continuing to learn math strategies to get kids thinking about math. Learners will be encouraged to think about numbers in different ways by understanding the equivalence of numbers and expressions up to one hundred, adding with tens on an open number line, basic subtraction strategies, and more!

Social Studies: Students will learn the concepts of time and chronology by researching historic events and famous Americans. We will explore the past and present (then & now), by looking at pictures from history and comparing them to our lives, now. While researching, we will record specific dates and apply them to a digital timeline. Students will understand why certain events are recorded in history.


October 21st- K-2 Assembly

November 18th Field Day


  • Come check out the MultiCultural Circle's Global Challenge for October! We will have 4 "Mystery Readers" read a universal fairy tale each week. Print out the worksheet, answer a few questions and turn it in by Monday, October 31st! We will choose SIX winners this time, one for each grade level! Click here to visit the Multicultural Website in order to participate.

  • Thank you so much for all your support with our Fall Fundraiser! Now we need to put all those funds to use! The PTA has lots of great programs planned for the year (e.g., Candyland, Movie Nights, Spelling Bee, Carnival, and much more!). We would love to have you volunteer a few hours of your time to help us plan and run these events. We cannot do it without your help. Please take a minute to fill out this survey so we can add you to our contact list. Our Committee Chairs will then forward information as the individual events get closer. We also have a “General” volunteer spot and this will keep you updated on all the on-call volunteer needs for the year (e.g., help with picture day, flu shots, cafeteria, etc.) Or, if it’s easier, please just email me at and I will make sure your name is added to our list

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