The Elevator


When martin moved in he described the elevator to be old and ragged. As one day martin was heading to school the elevator stopped on a floor. A fat lady got on the elevator. Martin was especially scared of someone hitting the emergency button. The Elevator capacity was limited to 3 people but when the lady got on she took the place of two. When she got she stared Martin in to a corner until they reached the lobby.


Martin was ready to get on the elevator but when the door opened the lady was on. Martin made a run for the stairs as he made it to the 16 floor he fell and broke his leg. That meant he was confined to the elevator till he was better. When he was back from the hospital His dad left him on the elevator while his dad went to visit his friend. The next floor the door opened and she was there she reached in and hit the emergency button.

By: Garrett Gibbs

image from :google Images