4,5&6 Wow Exibition

Biological Science, Austrailian History & Natural Disasters

Please come to the best expo ever!!!

You may be thinking why should I go to another boring expo?

Well this expo is better than any other.

What's better than seeing really good posters, dioramas, diagrams, powerpoints, and other really good things about Biological science by the one and only Grade 4's

But wait! The grade 5's are doing fantastic ERP's on Australian history(personaly the grade 5 ERP's are way better than the grade 4's)from 1700-1900 so come to see the grade 5's because you will learn about Fashion,Explorers, Ned Kelly & other bushrangers & the first world war.

Come see outstanding ERP's created by the grade 6's about Natural disasters where you will be amazed..........................!


This awsome expo will be held in building C & D on the 24th of June at 2:00.

By Jade Rhoden